Need Cheap Office Space? — Porta-King Modular Offices Are For You

Need Cheap Office Space? — Porta-King Modular Offices Are For You

If you’d like to put your managers closer to the production area—but just haven’t had the time or money to do a big construction project—then Porta-King modular offices might be the right solution for you.

Good for Rapidly Growing Businesses

Starting as low as $4,500, the modular office creates a quiet, climate-controlled workspace right on the production floor.  It’s the perfect solution for a rapidly growing business that needs more office space right now—or extra space for receiving areas, break rooms, or waiting areas for truck drivers.

“These offices are really quiet, and shut out a lot of the noise from forklifts, conveyors, and the manufacturing process,” said Maureen Parker, a warehouse design expert at IBT who helps customers maximize their current space. “They can also be used for containment areas or storage areas inside a facility, and have the flexibility to expand or reconfigure at a later date.”

Parker added that the Porta-King modular offices turn existing, unused space into immediately usable workspace, increasing the overall efficiency of the area—and putting managers in closer touch with the people they supervise.

Cheaper and Faster Than ‘Stick’ Construction

Parker said that her customers enjoy how the Porta-King modular offices are less expensive—and faster to assemble—than a traditional office.

“My customers love using them because they are cheaper than building a ‘stick’ office with the traditional wallboard and stud construction,” Parker said.  “Also, there’s no hassle of disrupting your operations with a major construction project.” The modular offices run as little as $50/sq. ft., and can be customized and tailored to fit your workspace.  Parker said that the most popular models are designed in 4 ft. increments. “The 8’ x 12’ and 12’ x 12’ modular offices are customer favorites,” she said.

100% Reusable, 100% American-Made

All of the pieces in American-made, Porta-King modular offices can be disassembled, moved, added to, and re-assembled, Parker said. So as your business grows, moves, and changes, the Porta-King office simply grows with it.

Dennis Willett, the Regional Sales Manager for Porta-King, said that most users redesign their modular office at least once during its lifetime.

“Because all the materials are reusable, it can be redesigned quickly and easily as space needs change,” Willett said. “Even if the customer wants to relocate the building, 100% of the material can be reused. It reduces the lifetime cost of the office, as well as the amount of waste going to the landfill.”

Accelerated Depreciation

Willett added that Porta-King modular offices also provide a tax advantage. Because they are considered ‘equipment’ and not ‘real property,’ they can be depreciated over 7 ½ years—instead of the traditional 39 years.

“The accelerated depreciation is a nice perk,” Willett said.

Bradken Adds New Space with Modular Offices

Parker recently teamed with Jim Stephan of IBT to help Bradken, a Kansas manufacturing company, add 1,700 sq. ft. of additional space. The duo added two new in-plant offices and two Porta-King mezzanines. The total cost was less than $50/sq. ft., and was fully customized to meet Bradken’s needs.

“When we created this new space, Bradken had the opportunity to choose from a variety of safety and other features, such as a panelized guard rail system for the mezzanine,” Parker said.

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