Need Electrical Products from Siemens? IBT Has Them.

Need Electrical Products from Siemens? IBT Has Them.

Siemens & IBTDid you know?
IBT is in the Siemens business. Siemens is one of our primary manufacturer partners of a wide variety of electrical and electronic products. IBT offers Siemens electric motors, drives, controls and sensors, switches and much more. These items are only a small part of Siemens’ total scope – and only a partial view of the range of Siemens goods that IBT handles.

IBT handles a wide selection of Siemens products including automation, controls, variable frequency drives (VFDs), electric motors, motion control and power distribution.

Did you know?
Siemens is a huge worldwide company. They are the 37th largest corporation in the world and their products, interests, expertise and influence are as impressive and important as you would expect of a global player of this level.

For Siemens’ most recent fiscal year, in the US alone the company posted more than $ 22 Billion dollars in sales and employed 69,000 associates . Worldwide, they were at nearly $ 117 Billion, operated in 190 countries and had a total employment complement of 428,000. By comparison, the city of Kansas City, Missouri has 450,000 inhabitants.

Image courtesy of SiemensDid you know?
Siemens has long been a key business partner of IBT. We have been a major Siemens distributor since our earliest days in business and our long-standing relationship with Siemens translates into solid product knowledge.

At this time, IBT currently inventories 78,915 SKUs, representing 47 unique Siemens Electrical Product Categories.

And if that wasn’t enough, IBT is in the process of adding a whole new Siemens product category – Construction & Residential – which will add many more items to the product roster and increase our inventory.

I want you to know:
When you think of Siemens’ products, think of IBT as your best source for a wide range of their motors, drives, controls and additional automation-related elements.

Depth of inventory is nice, but what really counts is our depth of experience and knowledge: this is vital for making sure that customers are properly taken care of. This means that IBT makes sure you get your questions answered. You will get the correct solution for your application issues.

Well, now you know. And when you think of Siemens, think of IBT. To learn more about Siemens products through IBT, ask your sales rep or write to us.

Siemens Electrical Product Categories

  • Above NEMA Motors
  • Air Cond. Disconnects
  • Busway Plugs
  • Busway Systems
  • Control Circuit Components
  • Control Products
  • DC Motors and DC Drives
  • Definite Purpose Control
  • Distribution Panelboards
  • Factory Automation Intelligent Sensors
  • General Duty Safety Switches
  • Generators
  • Heavy Duty Safety Switches
  • HMI Hardware and HMI Software
  • Home Automation
  • IEC Control
  • Insulated Case Breakers
  • Medium Voltage Drives
  • Load Center Breakers
  • Load Center Breakers – Murray
  • Load Centers
  • Low Voltage AC Drives
  • Machine Tools
  • Mature Micro Automation
  • Meter Sockets
  • Metering
  • Metering – Murray
  • Micro PLCs
  • Molded Case Breakers
  • NEMA Control
  • NEMA Motors
  • Network Solutions
  • Disconnects and Accessories
  • Panelboard/Switchboard Units
  • PCS 7 Process Control Systems
  • PLC Hardware and PLC Software
  • SURGE Protection
  • Power Breakers
  • Power Distribution Solutions/Access
  • Powersupplies
  • Process Wireless
  • Programable Relays
  • Standard Drives
  • Switchboards
  • Transformers
  • Unassembled Panelboard Breakers
  • Unassembled Panelboards



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