New Ingersoll Rand Cordless Tools – IQv Series

New Ingersoll Rand Cordless Tools – IQv Series

Ingersoll Rand has announced exciting additions to its IQVTM Series family that now include a cordless grinder and ultra-quiet ratchet line plus eight new impact tool models. For applications where the use of compressed air is not practical, Ingersoll Rand offers a complete line of electric impact tools in 3?8 inch, 1?2 inch, 3?4 inch and 1-inch drive sizes

These are more than just cordless tools. They are Ingersoll Rand cordless tools.

Ingersoll Rand cordless tools are specifically designed for the service and production industries. They deliver best-in-class power and durability. Built with the same engineering that made IR air tools the world’s best, they now deliver cordless technologies that get the most out of every volt.

IR offers three Impactools in 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch drives, two 1/2 inch driver/drills, and six revolutionary IQv batteries in both lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium chemistries. Add chargers, battery analyzers, and a brand new suite of accessories and you’ve got the most powerful range of cordless tools in the industry.

Ingersoll Rand is announcing exciting additions to the IQVTM Series product family that now include a cordless grinder and ultra-quiet ratchet line plus eight new impactool models. – all delivering best-in-class power and durability, and our continuing strong commitment to our customers. Industrial end-users will be delighted with the availability of the pin type anvil & quick change impactool model choices.

Engineered to power the IQV Series cordless tools, the power system includes integrated microprocessor technology that delivers optimized power and enables both IQV Series nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries to work with all IQV Series tools, and be charged with a single charger.

Through digital technology, the IQV Series charger automatically determines battery chemistry and optimizes its charge based on battery type and condition. The charger’s renew feature refreshes batteries by sensing and eliminating memory effect in nickel-cadmium batteries and extending battery life up to 300 percent. The charger’s fan-cooled quick-charge and LED / audible alerts also ensure the maximum amount of usage time.

The Ingersoll Rand lithium-ion battery, available in 7.2, 14.4 and 19.2 volts, weighs up to 35 percent less than a standard nickel-cadmium battery while delivering more than 1,000 recharges. Internally, the battery’s integrated circuitry ensures maximum power from battery cells, and its digital charge indicator alerts the user when it needs to be recharged. When not in use, the lithium-ion battery’s low self-discharge rate provides the same power as the last time it was used.

In addition to extended usage with the lithium-ion battery, the Ingersoll Rand nickel-cadmium battery also delivers superior performance with up to three times the usable lifespan of typical nickel-cadmium batteries. The 7.2-, 14.4- and 19.2-volt batteries contain an integrated microprocessor that senses battery condition and automatically optimizes the recharge cycle.

Both the nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries are designed with the patent-pending IQV Grip battery interface. With this twist-to-lock system, the IQV batteries are gripped into the tool, providing superior resistance to drop damage and batteries falling out.

Until now, the power and reliability of cordless impact wrenches did not quite live up to users’ expectations. Fortunately, the new Ingersoll-Rand IQv range provides an ideal solution by featuring reverse torque levels of up to 500Nm and durability that is three times longer than the competition. The IQv series is also the most compact and the lightest available.

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