AAF DriPak 2000 Filters Lower Costs at Food Manufacturing Plant

AAF DriPak 2000 Filters Lower Costs at Food Manufacturing Plant

A food manufacturing plant was using a headerless rigid bag filter in its six main production air handling units (AHUs). In this particular production line, sugary cereal was being run. The current filters were quickly plugging up with sugar particles.

As a result, the plant had to change the filters every two weeks. AAF International was asked to complete a survey of the facility to determine if there were any solutions that would result in cost savings.


The DriPak Filter Solution

AAF recommended replacing the current filters with the AAF DriPak 2000 filter with a header. For more information about the AAF DriPak 2000 filter, download the brochure or datasheet.

The DriPak 2000 filter features a unique, ultrasonically welded pocket configuration that guarantees complete pocket inflation and eliminates crowding or leakage. Reinforced pocket support frames eliminate flexing or buckling, even in a turbulent operating environment.

It was determined that by using DriPak 2000 filters with a longer pocket size, the plant would be able to extend the time between changeouts. The plant agreed to install the DriPak 2000 filters in one of the six AHUs on a trial basis.

Total Cost Benefits

Switching to AAF’s DriPak 2000 filters extended the life of the filters from two weeks to five weeks. To learn more about the company’s specific cost savings, download our FREE white paper today.


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