New Norgren IVAC Saves Up to 50% Energy vs. Traditional Actuators

New Norgren IVAC Saves Up to 50% Energy vs. Traditional Actuators

If you’ve been using a traditional actuator to power your pneumatic conveyors and packaging machines, get ready for a revolution. The new IVAC from Norgren cuts energy consumption by up to 50%—while offering faster speeds in pulling your product and getting it out to the dock.

Award-Winning Design

“The IVAC takes the traditional valve and actuator installation and massively simplifies it,” said Richard Bull, the Regional Product Marketing Manager for Norgren in the Americas. “It takes all the components of the traditional system—as many as twelve different components—and wraps it up into one easy-to-clean, easy-to-install, easy-to-use unit.”

In April, New Equipment Digest magazine selected the IVAC as a King Award Gold winner for superior industrial product design. It was chosen for its reduced energy consumption, easy washdown, and simpler installation and maintenance.

What is the Norgren IVAC?

The IVAC (integrated valve and actuator control) is a new, modular motion control unit that combines cylinder, pilot/control valves, position sensors, and regulators into one integrated unit. It requires only one pneumatic and one electrical connection.

Bull emphasized that it fits the same footprint as a standard actuator, and uses time-tested technology.

“Everything inside the IVAC is a proven technology,” Bull said. “Most of these technologies have been around for many years. What’s unique is the way it’s put together into one simple, streamlined package that provides a sustainable energy improvement.”

Who Should Use It?

Many companies, including food and beverage giant KHS, have already switched over to the Norgren IVAC. The unit is ideal for companies that want:

  • Faster response times
  • Easier installation and maintenance
  • Fewer components to troubleshoot
  • Reduced air/energy usage
  • Reduced operational downtime
  • Optimum space usage
  • Simplified selection and ordering

The IVAC is especially ideal for food and bottling manufacturers and warehouses, because it is designed to a washdown standard. It also helps equipment manufacturers create sleeker, more aesthetic machines for their customers.

About Norgren

Norgren, the maker of the IVAC, is an international market leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies. They are a subsidiary of the British engineering group IMI PLC, and sell products in 75 different countries worldwide—including the U.S., Germany, and China.


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