New Metal Detectable Mounted Bearing Covers – Safer for Food Industry

New Metal Detectable Mounted Bearing Covers – Safer for Food Industry

Good news for food and beverage processors:  there is a brand-new technology available that makes bearing covers safer—and naturally more sanitary.end-cover-bearing

Seen by X-Ray or Metal Detector

The new patent pending metal detectable mounted bearing covers use a polymer material developed for ABB-Baldor specifically for use in food and beverage processing.  The end covers are constructed of hi-density polyethylene (HDPE) containing stainless steel particles.  This unique material allows the covers to be detected by X-ray or metal detectors.

“For years, many food processing companies have prohibited the use of plastic bearing covers because they were difficult to find if they fell into the food,” said Mac Duke, Product Manager at Baldor•Dodge Ball Bearings.  “It is extremely costly if a food processor has to scrap an entire batch of food.”

This is the first time that metal detectable polymer end covers have ever been available for mounted bearings, Duke added. “We are the first company to do this,” he said. “We’ve already had high demand for this product since launching it in 2016, especially in fresh meat and poultry plants, as well as in food and beverage processing facilities.”

Safer for Workers

The metal detectable end covers for mounted bearings also create a safer work environment. Since they fully cover the rotating shaft, there’s less risk of injuries to employees working around the bearing—or performing maintenance.

Bearings Last Longer in Wet EnvironmentsUltrakleen Bearing Insert

The bearing covers also help prevent water and chemical leakage into the bearing during high-pressure wash down. This helps eliminate the issues of contamination and grease washout—so bearings last longer. A drain hole also prevents moisture collection.

“The end covers really add another layer of protection to the bearing, which extends its overall life,” Duke said. “It provides a positive seal in wet environments.”

Works with Most EZ-Kleen or Ultra-Kleen Bearings

The new metal detectable end covers for mounted bearings are now on the market, and easily snap onto most Baldor•Dodge E-Z Kleen or Ultra-Kleen mounted ball bearings.  Available in sizes 3/4 in. up to 1 15/16 in., the highly visible blue color is easy to spot if it happens to fall into food product.

Try new metal detectable mounted bearing covers

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