New Innovative Products from NOSHOK

New Innovative Products from NOSHOK

NOSHOK, Inc., a leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature instrumentation, has introduced two new products that will be distributed through IBT Fluid Power Products and Services.

800/810 Series Electronic Indicating Pressure Switch / Transmitter

NoShok Electronic Indicating Pressure Switch/Transmitter
The new NOSHOK 800/810 Series Electronic Indicating Pressure Switch/Transmitters are designed to provide continuous pressure monitoring and allow the programming of set points without pressurizing.

These switches offer two switching outputs, or one switching output and an analog (4-20mA or 0-10 Vdc) transducer output. Two buttons allow easy adjustment of the set points, contact functions (normally open/normally closed), reset points, contact types (npn/pnp) and switching function (hysteresis/gate).

Other features include integrated password protection and a higher maximum pressure than anything comparable on the market (9999 psi). The 800’s convenient 330° rotatable indicator head and optional turntable process connection provide ease of installation and wiring.

By using proven ceramic or thin film sensors, this pressure switch delivers an extremely high level of repeatability and durability, and it also carries NOSHOK’s exclusive 3-year warranty.

850 Series Electronic Indicating Temperature Switch / Transmitter
Image courtesy of NoShok
The new NOSHOK 850 Series Electronic Indicating Temperature Switch/Transmitters deliver precision indicating and switching control.

Designed for ultimate precision control in crucial temperature requirement applications, NOSHOK’s 850 Series uses PT100 technology to provide continuous temperature monitoring, electronic temperature switching, and transmission of analog output of 4-20 mA while providing local digital indication.

Two buttons on top allow simple adjustment of the temperature set points, reset points, switching functions and the measuring range of the optional analog output. These extensive features and wide measuring range (between -300°F and 1100°F/ -200°C and 600°C) cover the majority of temperature measuring and switching tasks.

A variety of stem lengths, which are also available with adjustable insertion lengths, add to the versatility of the NOSHOK 850 Series. All wetted parts as well as the housing are made of stainless steel for corrosion protection and durability.

The NOSHOK 850 Temperature Switch/Transmitter is a durable, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate product is ideal for applications in industrial automation and power generation, HVAC, air conditioning technology, industrial manufacturing, environmental technology, transportation and marine.

For more information about NOSHOK products, new and existing, contact IBT.


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