New Innovative Online Configurator Verifies Cylinder Dimensions During Design Process

New Innovative Online Configurator Verifies Cylinder Dimensions During Design Process

Now you can configure a precise cylinder for your unique operating environment—in a matter of minutes.

Yates Industries, a leading manufacturer of custom and rebuilt cylinders in the U.S., now offers a free Yates online Configurator that helps you verify your cylinder dimensions—before you buy.

“We’re getting a lot of good traction with the online Configurator through our partnership with Yates,” said Brent Hanson, the Business Group Director of Fluid Power at IBT Industrial Solutions. “Customers, and even our technical staff, enjoy using the new Configurator, and there’s a real ‘cool factor’ associated with it. It definitely makes ordering cylinders easier.”

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Cylinder Configuration in Minutes

To verify that they have the right cylinder design, customers simply access the new online Configurator from the home page on Yates’ website. They plug in several pieces of information—such as bore size, mount type, stroke, and rod size—and the Yates Online Configurator produces a proprietary 25-digit part number ready for ordering through your local IBT branch.

Along the way, pop-up menus and pictures make sure that you are on the right track. You can also download a final CAD diagram with accurate dimensions to ensure that the cylinder will work correctly for your specific application.

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Every Cylinder Made-to-Order

“Every cylinder that we produce is made-to-order,” said Steve Cavera, the National Sales Manager at Yates Industries. “If you tell me, ‘I need a 100-stroke cylinder with this mount,’ we’ll go out and cut it for you.”

Yates produces air cylinders and hydraulic cylinders, each in about 25 different styles of mount, plus custom mounts.

“Our cylinders are used in almost every imaginable manufacturing and heavy industrial setting in the world,” Cavera said. “We’ve produced cylinders for both machines and products at some of the biggest corporations in the world—including food, beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, rail, and shipping.”

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New Partnership—Yates + IBT

Starting in 2014, Yates Industries is partnering with IBT to offer its comprehensive cylinder products and services. Hanson said that the move greatly benefits IBT’s customers by providing them with new options for cylinders.

Cavera agreed, and added that the relationship is mutually beneficial. “We enjoy working with IBT because their customers are heavy users of cylinders, and we are excited to provide that value to their sales and service teams,” he said.

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Yates Adds New Offerings

Yates has 100+ employees, and was founded in 1972 by the Yates family, who still run the company. They have plans to start manufacturing a new line of welded cylinders in the next several months at the new plant location in Georgia. Their other 2 facilities are located in Alabama and Michigan.

“Honestly, there are lots of cylinder companies out there,” Cavera said. “I think the reason people enjoy working with Yates is that we’re just a good, family-owned business who cares about every single customer. People often say that we’re easy to work with, and we take pride in that.”

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