New Thermal Imaging Instrument from SKF

New Thermal Imaging Instrument from SKF

The TKTI 10, SKF’s new highly affordable handheld thermal imaging instrument, will let maintenance professionals more easily evaluate the condition of their equipment while it is running, leading to safe inspection of all kinds of mechanical and electrical machinery.

The device will produce visible images from invisible radiation. As a result, users will be able to measure and read temperatures over a wide range. Thermal imaging with this instrument is an ideal complement to other condition monitoring techniques, such as vibration analysis.

Image courtesy of SKFFor example, the TKTI 10 can indicate a difference in temperature between two running bearings. This temperature difference could indicate a potential bearing problem that could lead to a failure and downtime.

The device can also inspect cable connections. If the temperature of one of the cable connections is significantly higher than the others, this might indicate potential problems requiring further investigation.

TKTI 10 Feature User Benefit
Easy-to-use, lightweight, one or two handed operation. Allows the TKTI 10 to be flexible and used for most industrial applications.
Non-contact measurement technique. Enables measurements to be made safely on running equipment.
Large thermal image storage capacity, 1000 images per Mb can be stored on Pocket PC/storage card. Eases data collection and subsequent reporting.
Two user-defined spot temperature measurement points, with the temperature difference of the two spot displayed as a separate value. Allows comparison of areas of interest.
Both PC and “Pocket PC” compatible.
Software included for ease of data analysis.
Allows flexibility in viewing results and report writing.
Laser pointer shows the size of a pixel. Allows the area of interest to be pinpointed and for accurate temperature measurement.
Convenient temperature measurement in Kelvin (K), Celsius (C) and Fahrenheit (F). Eliminates the necessity to convert temperature readings.
Three different selectable color pallets (green/blue, red/blue, grayscale). Provides ease of viewing.
Tripod mountable. Gives stability and stable monitoring over a period of time.
Sturdy “ready use” carrying case. The imager, pistol grip and pocket PC can be stored as one assembly ready for use.

Image courtesy of SKF

Image courtesy of SKF

If you would like to learn more about how the new SKF Thermal Imaging Device (TKTI 10) can help you improve your maintenance procedures and save you time, money and reduce outages, contact IBT.


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