New Ultraviolet UV Lamps from Atlantic Kill Food and Airborne Bacteria

New Ultraviolet UV Lamps from Atlantic Kill Food and Airborne Bacteria

Affordable, new germicidal ultraviolet (UV) lamps from Atlantic Ultraviolet are now available to kill even the toughest food and airborne bacteria in warehouses and food production systems.

Faster Delivery

“These new lamps are as good as Siemens’, but ship faster, in under two weeks,” said Steve Navarro, Branch Manager at IBT in El Paso.  “In the past, it’s taken up to eight weeks to get replacements, which forced many plant managers to keep an expensive amount of backup inventory. Now, you just need a few on hand for the occasional power spike.”

Kills Bacteria, Mold, Virus, and Algae

Plants and warehouses use a wide variety of UV equipment to sanitize air, water, and food. UV lamps can be hung on a wall in a warehouse to kill airborne bacteria, or they can be attached to food processing tubes to kill food bacteria when high heat is not enough. Other equipment is used to disinfect water—and even cure glues faster.

“My food processing customers love the Atlantic Ultraviolet lamps because of the low price and excellent tech support,” Navarro said. “The company is very responsive,” and has been manufacturing UV lamps and air/water disinfection equipment in the U.S. for over 50 years.

3-Piece System

To set up your sanitizing system, Navarro recommends three key components:

  • UV lamp—to remove bacteria
  • Quartz sleeve—to protect the lamp from varying temperatures
  • Ballast—to operate power on/off

“The lamp actually inserts into a quartz sleeve, so it kills bacteria without ever coming into contact with the food product—for example, liquid sugar,” said Navarro.

Other Uses

Atlantic Ultraviolet also makes air sanitizers, room air disinfectant equipment, duct system UV units, liquid sugar sanitizers, and a wide array of ultraviolet water purifiers. UV products can be found in everything from cooling towers, to manufacturing plants, restaurants, warehouses, bottling facilities, and even hospitals and labs.
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