No-Guess Hose Plan from Goodyear

No-Guess Hose Plan from Goodyear

It’s not all that easy to pick the proper industrial hose. Now with Goodyear’s new HoseSelectTM automated specifying system, it’s not all that hard either.

The new HoseSelect on-line program can take all the guesswork out of choosing the best industrial hose for any given application.

This tool reduces the phone calls and emails you will need to find the proper recommendation for the correct Goodyear EP industrial hose. You can now receive immediate hose recommendations and easily identify the correct Goodyear hose for a specified application.

You can select a chemical hose based on compatibility, by using the chemical resistance selection drop down tool. Or, you can select a food/beverage hose based on compatibility with the food/beverage selection drop down tool. Petroleum and chemical hose selection results will have an option to link to the Goodyear Insta-LockTM fittings page.

All search results will be identified as a stock or non-stock item. Any of the selections can easily be printed into data sheets with the “printer-friendly” option.

The Goodyear Engineered Products Industrial Hose Division utilizes a system called S.T.A.M.P.E.D. to help select the correct hose for specific types of applications. In fact, it is an acronym developed using the first letter of the different parameters used to recommend a hose. These parameters include:

  • Size: inside diameter
  • Temperatures: maximum / minimum temperatures of material being transported
  • Application: industry or process
  • Material: substance being transported
  • Pressure: maximum working pressure
  • End: type of end connectors on the hose
  • Delivery method: where / when do you need it?

Applications covered by HoseSelect include: air and multipurpose; chemical transfer; cleaning equipment; coupling systems; food; marine; material handling; mining; petroleum; PVC hose; spray; steam; vacuum; water; and welding.

It’s easy. It’s effective. It’s even fun. Try using the Goodyear HoseSelect automated industrial hose finding and specifying system today.

For more information on Goodyear Industrial Hose – or help with Hose Select, contact IBT.


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