Hub City HERA─Smaller Gearbox, Greater Efficiency

Hub City HERA─Smaller Gearbox, Greater Efficiency

Customers who use right-angle gearboxes are discovering the power and efficiency of Hub City’s High-Efficiency Right Angle Worm Gearbox (HERA), featuring hypoid helical gearing, to replace traditional worm gear drives.

Pays for Itself in 1 Year

The Hub City HERA astonishing 90% efficiency rate can save businesses up to $550 per year in electricity with each increment of motor horsepower—while still delivering high power, in a smaller gearbox.

“By the end of the year, you’ve actually paid for the gearbox—and then some,” said Tim Zerger, Business Group Director of Bearings and Power Transmission at IBT. “The HERA easily pays for itself.”

Better yet, the increased torque can provide additional savings by removing other worm gear reducers in your inventory. One Hub City HERA unit can replace up to four center—distance worm gear reducers, when using the right accessories.

Smaller & Stronger

The Hub City HERA delivers more power—up to 2x more torque—than traditional worm gear drives. Even though it delivers more power, it comes in a smaller gearbox.

“Anybody who’s using right-angle gearboxes can benefit from the HERA,” said Zerger, whose customers use them for everything from conveying, to drying, to mixing. “Typically, if you want more torque, you need a bigger gearbox. But the HERA lets you use a smaller gearbox—and you still get more power.”

40% More Efficient

In fact, the Hub City HERA has proven to be up to 40% more efficient than standard worm gearing. This is because it creates less heat and friction.

“The HERA is really smooth,” said Zerger. “It has less sliding action, with very good teeth engagement. This prevents the energy loss you sometimes get with traditional worm gears.”

Is the HERA Gearbox Right for Everyone?

“In recent years, much attention has been placed on improving the efficiency of electric motors, but the bulk of the activity seems to ignore the fact that many of these premium-efficiency motors are driving a worm reducer that’s robbing them of precious power and energy. High-efficiency motors are a fantastic way to improve operating efficiency, but there’s typically a much larger opportunity just a few inches away,” says Odland.

“We can’t imagine any company, government facility or OEM, not wanting to conserve energy and reduce costs,” states  Jim Campbell, Vice President/General Manager of Hub City, “the US needs HERA, now more than ever.”

Download the HERA brochure today , or visit your local IBT Distribution Center for more information. Or contact Tim Zerger at (913) 261-2140.


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