Nordyne’s New Lighting

Nordyne’s New Lighting

As a manufacturer of indoor comfort systems, Nordyne chooses only reliable components for their heating and cooling systems. So it made sense when they turned to IBT sales rep Chris Dowling for assistance with lighting in their manufacturing plant and distribution center in Boonville, MO that they would choose a reliable and energy-efficient solution from Westinghouse Lighting Solutions.

The facility manufactures, warehouses, and distributes a variety of heating and cooling systems, such as air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and accessories. Dowling worked with IBT’s Warehouse Equipment Group to develop a lighting implementation plan with 3 phases.

The first phase has already been completed, and included outfitting the 150,000 square ft Distribution Center with 142 Westinghouse 3-light T5HO (High Output) Hybrid lights and fixtures in the pallet storage area, as well as 42 Westinghouse 4-light T5HO Hybrid bulbs and fixtures in the shipping and receiving area.

The docking area, which had been relamped with metal halide lights about 6 months ago, had lighting levels at 7.5 foot-candles* and below. In the rest of distribution center, the lighting levels had been at less than 5 foot-candles.

Metal halides grow dimmer over time, and by the time they reach their 25,000 hours of expected life, they produce only 30-40% of the light they should even though the wattage used remains the same.

The T5HO fluorescents stay at their full lamination for 95% of the bulb life of 25,000 hours. They are also an “instant on,” as opposed to metal halides which take 15 to 20 minutes before they laminate completely .

Nordyne saw significant increases in lighting levels after the first phase of the new Westinghouse T5 Hybrids were installed. Lighting levels in the dock area improved 300% by reaching levels of 23 foot-candles. The improvement in the rest of the warehouse was equally impressive by increasing 400%, from less than 5 foot-candles to 20 foot-candles.

The second phase is in-process currently. Phase 2 involves replacing fixtures in the one half of the manufacturing plant with 4-bulb T5HO Hybrid fixtures. Phase 3 will consist of replacing the remaining half of the manufacturing plant with 6-bulb T5HO Hybrid lights and fixtures.

Nordyne has been pleased with the progress that has been made with updating their lighting and is investigating a new lighting project at another facility about 30 miles from the Boonville MO location.

To top it all off, Nordyne was able to take advantage of a rebate from local utility company Ameren UE, who is offering incentives to companies that change from metal halide fixtures to an energy-efficient light fixture. Similar programs are available through Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L), and may also be available in your area. Contact your local utility company for more information.

T5HO (High Output) Specifications

  • Housing Formed aluminum / Fully assembled
  • Reflector Enhanced anodized specular aluminum
  • Lamp T5HO 54 watt linear fluorescent, CRI85
  • Ballast – 90°C rated, electronic programmed rapid start
  • Hang Mount – Wire bracket & toggle holes provided
  • Total Luminaire Efficiency: varies by model 90%-105%

T5HO (High Output) Features

  • All fixtures ship with lamps installed, reflectors pre-peeled
  • European rotary lock lamp holders
  • All ballasts are 90° C rated, switching capability
  • Unique snap down ballast cover, no tools ballast access
  • T5HO technology cuts energy use up to 75%
  • Available with prewired cordset
  • Allows for one-for-one metal halide fixture replacement
  • Powder coated, rigid steel rails and ends.
  • Instant re-strike, programmed rapid start ballast eliminates the need for quartz re-strikes in event of power outage
  • 95% lumen maintenance over entire rated lamp life
  • Options: Swing down door with acrylic lens, wire guard, sensors, cord sets and choice of lamps.

*Foot-candles are the measurement of light that falls on any given surface. One foot-candle is equal to one lumen per square foot.


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