Not Just Any Bearing Lube

Not Just Any Bearing Lube

Bearing lubrication is something to take very seriously. Proper lube gives the right results: long life, efficient functioning, no unexpected failures or other unpleasant surprises and smooth sailing in the plant.

Improper lube can result in just the opposite, giving you a headache and other problems to boot.

Dow Corning Molykote® Bearing Greases will give you a complete line of trusted industrial lubrication solutions, especially when you use the proper grease for any specific application.

There is no guess work involved. The Molykote line comes with a selection guide to help you determine which grease is just right for your application.

When multiple criteria are involved, it is necessary to weigh which specific condition is most important and then follow that logic to the best answer for your bearing grease application.

One key factor to consider is temperature.

High temp is 180°C / 356°F and higher. There is a Molykote for even hotter temps, such as extreme high temperatures from 250°C / 482°F and above. For cold situations, low temperatures range from -40°C / -40°F and below. If it is ultra-low temp, below -50°C / -58°F, there’s still a Molykote grease that you can use.

In each case, there are multiple Molykote options, depending on additional criteria, such as adhesion improvement; chemical resistance; temperature extremes and speeds, high loads and high speeds; long service life; low noise; food grade or water resistance.

You can always find a Dow Corning Molykote multipurpose grease that will be compatible with your specific needs, even if there are no extreme or qualifying circumstances of your application.

The key is to choose your lube carefully and for the right reasons. Then to apply it with care:Â in the right amounts, at the right intervals. This won’t guarantee endless bearing life – nothing will. But it certainly goes a long way to improve bearing performance, longevity and dependability.

There are multiple options in lubrication. To learn more, talk to your local IBT sales rep. For an IBT Corporate contact, visit with Tim Zerger.


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