On-Site Bearing & Lubrication Training

On-Site Bearing & Lubrication Training

Starting now, you can conduct a new and highly customized bearing maintenance and lubrication training session at your work place, led by long time IBT training specialist, Mike Pistone.

Mike has trained people in a wide variety of industries. Former students and clients give him high marks for the way he makes the material understandable, as well as for his knowledge and professional attitude.

The program is available in one or two-day versions. The one day program is an in-depth look at bearings and lubrication.

The two day session is expanded, with hands-on labs for properly mounting and dismounting of press fit bearings. It also teaches proper installation for mounting and dismounting spherical tapered adaptor style bearing.

“We will customize the program by checking the actual bearings used at the site, by conducting a walkthrough of the tool crib before we begin the seminar program,” Pistone promises. “This will allow us to tailor the program and discuss actual bearing numbers used in the plant equipment.”

Pistone also offers a further potential option: He will diagnose applications and solutions in connection with the course sponsor’s critical bearing failures at the job site.

The fee of $ 1,800 for the one-day session is for up to 20 students and includes all training materials.

The curriculum is designed to lead to understanding friction and its effects on bearing life. It also includes bearing selection, application and troubleshooting. Specific topic include proper press fit installations, proper shaft to bore fits, handling and maintenance techniques, bearing loads and their effects on bearing life

The training also explores bearing lubrication methodologies. These principles lead to understanding the various greases and oils used today for bearing applications. Specific information deals with proper lubrications amounts, types, and frequencies based on bearing applications, size and operating temperatures.

It also explores various lubricant additives and how they work in increasing bearing service life and understanding the compatibility of various grease and oil types.

This program has been extensively used by Westar Energy, the largest electric energy provider in Kansas. Terry Scarlett, maintenance training coordinator for Westar, has used the course for at least 160 workers.

“We have had great results with the program and were very pleased with Mike Pistone’s knowledge and professionalism,” he reports. “We have seen the direct benefit of having our people better understand the equipment they operate, the function of bearings and pulleys and other systems. The attitude of our people has been positive and we have had good feedback from all who attended the training.”

Dave Wiese of Lawrence Paper Company adds: “Mike has been in the business a long time and is extremely knowledgeable about bearing and power transmission questions. He is easy-going and communicates well with all levels of people he interacts with. Mike has done a lot of work for us over the years and has helped us a lot.”

This course will be valuable training for newbies and for old pros who have “been there and done that.”

To learn more about this and other IBT training programs, visit IBT Training online or email Gary Hense.


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