Once You Go Milwaukee, You’ll Never Go Back—Here’s Why

Once You Go Milwaukee, You’ll Never Go Back—Here’s Why

Milwaukee-ToolIn a commercial world that depends on the success of factory machinery and its workers, the efficiency of their day-to-day operations also rests on something: tools.

That’s why IBT Industrial Solutions provides our customers with the industry leader of tools that stands up to the most demanding working conditions—Milwaukee Tool. As a full Milwaukee distributor, IBT can build Milwaukee inventory based on customer needs and provide them with distributor pricing.

Brand Loyalty

The name of tools IBT customers select for the workplace is not a decision they take lightly. One Midwest roofing manufacturer has been using Milwaukee Tool for 3 years and attributes their company-wide Milwaukee conversion to the luck they’ve had with them in their personal use.

“I use Milwaukee at home, that’s what I bought when we remodeled my house and we’ve used them ever since. All of our maintenance men are now hooked up with Milwaukee drills, impacts, cordless grinders and a few cordless band saws,” said Erick Babcock, the store room manager.

IBT’s own General Industrial Business Group Director, Mike Muenks, speaks to his own experience in selling Milwaukee Tools: “If you find someone that uses Milwaukee, they usually want Milwaukee only.”

So what is it then about Milwaukee that stirs up these feelings of brand loyalty?

Disruptive Innovation

Shiny new red toys. As technology continues to advance, Milwaukee remains competitive as one of the most innovative power tool companies, coming out with a new product almost every week and keeping Milwaukee Tool lovers wanting more.

Their constant research and development has built their product offering into a wide selection of various electronic instruments and accessories, in addition to their well-known hand and power tools.

Milwaukee also set themselves apart in being first to the market with the Lithium Ion Batteries as seen in the M12™, M18™ & M28™ Systems. Milwaukee’s V28™ battery began the era of cordless tools, offering twice the run-time and around 50 percent more power than existing batteries.

Babcock discusses the versatility that converted him to a lifetime Milwaukee customer: “They make a tool for about every job – you need just one charger and two batteries and you can have 4 tools, which make it nice and saves us from buying a new charger every time we buy a new tool.”


Now while it might seem easy to assume that quality gets snubbed in light of their fast-producing innovation, their tagline “Nothing but Heavy Duty” holds true.

Milwaukee’s commitment to durability stems from time spent on job sites, understanding the challenges faced by professional tradesmen. This reputation for professional tools that are built to last is what keeps companies like roofing manufacturers loyal to the brand.

“We’ve had trouble a couple of times with other tools coming apart and having to get them repaired; we just haven’t had that trouble with Milwaukee,” said Babcock.

Tools that do what they’re supposed when you want them to? I think Milwaukee is onto something here…

Convenient Service

However, the big secret to Milwaukee’s increasing brand loyalty is having the service to back up the products. Making the customer’s life as effortless as possible, a large portion of their website is dedicated to providing accurate, easily accessible information.

If there’s a warranty issue with tools, end users are able to print out a shipping label directly from the website and send the tool in to the nearest service center. This convenience of expediting this process is huge, especially with many of these end users residing in rural areas.

IBT’s new partnership with Milwaukee has allowed for improved convenience on our end as well, according to Babcock: “We were doing mail order in the past and now when someone needs a tool, I can just contact our IBT rep and it saves me a lot of searching.”

About Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Tool is an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories and hand tools for professional users worldwide. Since the company began in 1924, Milwaukee Tool has led the industry in both durability and performance.  Choose from any complete power tool sets or bare tool options to meet your industry-specific needs from Milwaukee’s extensive product line at IBT.

Want to purchase a Milwaukee power tool?

You can contact Mike Muenks, General Industrial Business Group Director at IBT Industrial Solutions, at (913) 261-2107, or mmuenks@ibtinc.com.



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