Optimize Plant Operations & Avoid Costly Downtime

Optimize Plant Operations & Avoid Costly Downtime

Siemens and IBTAutomated processes have driven tremendous advancements in production efficiency and output over the years. Their heartbeat, of course, are motors that keep both material and work moving. But if a motor fault occurs at any point in the process, production can stop dead in its tracks. When that happens, costs start climbing – fast.

Faults have a number of sources: overheating, overloads,voltage issues, cavitation, mechanical failures and others. Whatever the cause, symptoms of an impending fault often appear in advance. The key to avoiding costly downtime is to monitor motor performance in real time. This will allow one to take preventive measures before a fault happens.

The most effective way to do this? SIMOCODE pro, the flexible, intelligent motor management system from Siemens.

Image courtesy of SiemensSimplifying operations while saving time and costs

SIMOCODE pro can deliver these key benefits to automated processes across your plant or facility:

    Savings: Avoid unneeded engineering, hardware, wiring, programming and documentation costs with a multitude of  functions in a space-saving package. Save time in configuration and commissioning, versus conventional solutions. Cut service and maintenance costs, too, thanks to integrated status monitoring. Detailed diagnostic data make troubleshooting faster. Power and power factor data can help save energy costs. Overall these savings will quickly pay for your SIMOCODE pro investment.

    Simplicity: Manage fewer components with motor protection, monitoring and control functions in one compact system. That means less wiring, engineering and documentation.  Pre-defined control logic functions plus a point-and-click GUI make configuration fast and easy-no programming needed.

    Flexibility: As needs grow, plug-and-play expansion modules offer new functionality with little cost and no new wiring. Reconfigure processes for new demands quickly, without re-engineering circuits or extra wiring and hardware. Integrate SIMOCODE pro with other vendor’s PLCs, too.

    Transparency: Get all the protection, monitoring and control data needed to identify approaching faults and take preventive action. Keep watch on key process variables such as motor current, voltage, power, power factor, external temperature levels and early detection of component fatigue or failure. Better data offer more operating insights to help optimize your operations for maximum efficiency and output.

Advanced Protection, Monitoring and Control Functions for Low-Voltage Motors: SIMOCODE pro protects, monitors and controls low-voltage motors from the motor feeder up to the plants automation system and comes in two models:

Image courtesy of SiemensSIMOCODE pro C
A compact motor management system for direct and reversing starters. The most cost-effective, communication-capable solution in its class.

With even greater functionality, it expands for specific motor feeder requirements with up to five optional expansion modules.

With their base unit just 45 millimeters wide, both models pack a lot of functionality into a small size:

  • Motor control, monitoring and overload protection for currents up to 820 amperes and voltage detection up to 690 volts, offering many deployment options
  • Fully integrated, pre-defined motor control functions across a full range of operating requirements, simplifying configuration and control logic
  • Combined multistage monitoring and protection functions, providing needed diagnostics, status and statistical data
  • Power factor and consumption monitoring, helping to manage power and reduce energy costs
  • Autonomous functions to ensure availability of motor feeders, if ommunications or supervisory systems fail, offering peace of mind

With the SIMOCODE ES software package, you can easily adapt all these capabilities to your motor feeder specifications by setting the required parameters in standardized logic blocks either directly on the control cabinet or from your central control system via PROFIBUS. Parameterization can be done via the user-friendly, drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI).

SIMOCODE pro Applications

  • Pumping
  • Ventilation
  • Valve Control
  • Conveyor Controls
  • Cooling Towers
  • Breakers
  • Heat Trace
  • Automatic Doors

SIMOCODE pro: A Proven Solution, A Future-Proof Investment

As a flexible, intelligent motor management solution, Siemens SIMOCODE pro is an extremely reliable solution proven in hundreds of thousands of installations around the world.

With Siemens renowned engineering behind it, plus comprehensive service and support, SIMOCODE pro can provide years of trouble-free operation. It can help you optimize your plant operations and avoid costly downtime due to motor faults – while providing tremendous savings over its lifetime.

To find out more about the results SIMOCODE pro can provide your plant or facility, contact IBT today.

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