Optimize Your Bulk Material Handling with Customized Screw Conveyor Solutions from Martin Sprocket

Optimize Your Bulk Material Handling with Customized Screw Conveyor Solutions from Martin Sprocket

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In the material handling industry, screw conveyors face many challenges when conveying bulk material. From high wear to flight material buildup to premature failure and more, there are many issues that custom materials and construction can solve. In this article, we’ll cover how customized screw conveyor solutions can help you optimize productivity, maximize conveyor component life, and protect your equipment from material wear to reduce unplanned downtime and increase throughput.

Increase Structural Integrity and Wear Resistance in Material Handling Applications

Screw Conveyor ManufacturingIn material handling applications, uncompromising durability is a crucial requirement in avoiding unplanned downtime and maximizing output. The key factors that affect the structural integrity of a screw conveyor include selecting the proper material, optimizing the construction of the conveyor components, and utilizing high-quality fabrication methods. When these elements are configured correctly for the unique needs of your application, it can greatly maximize wear resistance and extend the life of your screw conveyor.

To combat application challenges head-on, Martin Sprocket & Gear offers industry-leading manufacturing practices that can strengthen screw conveyor components. This includes a number of construction techniques like surface hard-facing, abrasion-resistant steels, and continuous welding procedures with various wire types and finish offerings. These manufacturing capabilities can help you avoid premature weldment and abrasion failure, while significantly increasing the durability of the flight and weldment life of your screw conveyor.

Extend Equipment Life with Optimized Design and Factory Assembly


For centuries, screw conveyors have been a popular conveying method for material handling applications because of their ability to move material with minimal losses. To further optimize this process and increase throughput, it all comes down to the design and configuration of the screw conveyor.

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That’s why Martin puts its decades of expertise into thoughtful design of its screw conveyors and conveyor components to ensure they are protected during operation by optimizing drive arrangements, trough configurations, and operating speeds. Coupled with their industry-leading design capabilities, Martin’s factory assembly maximizes system life. They offer factory assembly that is ready to install upon delivery to lower freight costs, allow for consistent quality control, and provide a fast and safe installation.

Protect Conveyor Components with Custom Materials and Coatings

Shaftless Screw ConveyorTo further extend equipment life of a screw conveyor, there are a wide array of custom materials and coatings that offer protection for conveyor components against abrasion, corrosion, and high temperatures during operation. This includes materials such as AR steel, stainless steel, metallic and non-metallic lines, custom paint finishes, and more customizable options.

Martin offers all of these custom materials and coatings to ensure your application has solutions tailored to its exact needs. Selecting the right material plays a pivotal role in extending the life of your equipment. That’s why Martin provides products like their stainless steel shaftless screw conveyor that offers excellent corrosion resistance due to the material’s high chromium content and low carbon content, as well as non-metallic liners that protect against material wear.

Choose Martin as Your Trusted Partner for Screw Conveyor Solutions

Since 1969, Martin has been the industry-leading screw conveyor manufacturer by delivering systems that reduce costs and increase productivity. Decades of engineering expertise ensure custom designs are optimized to each user’s unique material handling needs. That’s why IBT Industrial Solutions takes pride in offering our customers their dependable and durable designs and conveyor components.

Reach Out to IBT for Comprehensive Conveying System Solutions

At IBT, our conveying systems experts are here to help you ensure accuracy, functionality, and payback for your material handling applications. From initial site survey to concept development and design to implementation and technical support, our conveying systems division can help you achieve top-tier, advanced conveying systems solutions. Reach out to our experts today to further optimize your operations by calling 913-677-3151 or requesting a quote.

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