OSHA’s Top 10 Citations & Why It Should be Guiding Your 2020 MRO Spending

OSHA’s Top 10 Citations & Why It Should be Guiding Your 2020 MRO Spending

Every year OSHA comes out with their list of “Top 10 Citations”. You may have even seen the most recent report already. But what does that have to do with your 2020 MRO spending habits, or how you pick inventory?  For the most part, you’ll probably order what you used last year, with a few minor adjustments here and there.        OSHA top 10

So, what’s wrong with that?

Well, if you live in a perfectly risk-free environment, that might work…but that usually doesn’t apply to, well…anyone.  It doesn’t protect you. It is essentially leaving you vulnerable, open and exposed to potential citations and major fines. 

Taking a look at what citations have occurred, the fines associated, and how to prevent them is an important and necessary reflection. The brief time it will take you to review this information and use it when determining your MRO spending for 2020 will be well worth the time invested in protecting you and your business. 

respiratory protection

Assessing the “Top 10 Citations” is just one step in the right direction

While OSHA only conducts about 100,000 inspections a year, most are random and unannounced. So you could have an inspection tomorrow or not for years, and no matter what, you have to stay prepared and always be ready.  Once you’ve taken a look at some of the common citations you can begin to see what supplies and equipment you may need to improve upon within your inventory.

OSHA’s most recent “Top 10” citations OSHA hazardous communication

  1. Fall Protection – General
  2. Hazard Communication
  3. Scaffolding
  4. Control of Hazardous Energy (AKA Lockout/Tagout)
  5. Respiratory Protection
  6. Ladders
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks
  8. Fall Protection – Training
  9. Machine Guarding
  10. Personal Protective & Lifesaving Equipment

Most of us know that inventory can be a tricky business, and it may not always be practical for you to purchase every type of gear listed within the past year’s citations.  However, it can provide OSHA Fall protection you with very valuable insight into what others are experiencing within the industry and guide you through situations you may not have thought of otherwise. A big piece of safety is awareness. 

For example, if you are in the solar energy business and your business is to install photovoltaic or solar “PV” arrays, you will want to ensure that you are reviewing information related to Fall Protection, Ladders, Scaffolding, “Lockout/Tagout” and the major citations and fines that have occurred this past year. Reviewing this and ensuring you have the right harnesses, ladders, and equipment in place to protect not only your team but your business can be a make or break. 

Heavy fines can majorly impact business!OSHA safety ladder

Fines associated with OSHA citations are no laughing matter and can be detrimental to a business. A single violation can cost you $70,000, and often there is more than one citation during an inspection. That can add up quickly! 

That’s assuming your inspection was unprompted, and only a random OSHA inspection. That’s the best-case scenario.  Worst-case, a serious injury or even death has triggered an inspection. In those situations, OSHA citations and fines have been reported to be upwards of a million dollars.

At IBT we always want to ensure our customers are taken care of and protected. That’s why we encourage you to take the time this year and be proactive with your 2020 MRO spending.  

With OSHA inspections you need to be on your A-game. Be sure to review the “Top 10 Citations” list and take that into account when determining your MRO spending. Being proactive will help lockout/tagoutyou deter and prevent triggering events for an OSHA inspection. Know your industry, the risks at play and be strategic. Work to create a plan that not only protects your crew but the future of your business. 

Still, feeling unsure?

Reach out to us anytime!

IBT’s Product Specialists and our team of Safety and Health Consultants can help guide you through this process, and provide valuable feedback. 

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