Paper or Air? You Decide the Right Solution

Paper or Air? You Decide the Right Solution

Protecting yourself and your employees from colds and flu as much as possible is imperative this season. Consider some food for thought… Which is better: drying your hands on paper towels or air dryers?

Georgia-Pacific believes that once you consider the facts, you’ll find that hand drying with paper towels is the best solution.

 Hand drying facts that could make you sick
Air dryers can blow bacteria on you and throughout the washroom

A University of Westminster study found that highspeed dryers, like the Dyson Airblade, increase bacteria count on hands up to 42%, and warm air dryers increase bacteria by up to 254%. Paper towels actually reduce bacteria present on hands by up to 77% after washing and drying hands.*

Crowd Control
The faster hands are dried, the sooner people disperse.

No waiting, no lines, no dripping. enMotion® paper towels dry hands in five seconds, while the airpowered Xlerator® and Dyson Airblade dryers can take 15 and 18 seconds, respectively.

Now Hear This
Air hand dryers can be as loud as a subway train!

Air dryer sound levels can be 95db and higher – just like a subway train at 200 yards. The enMotion® automatic touchless dispenser is only as noisy as a normal conversation.

Save Money With Paper
Towels look good on paper.

Paper towel dispensing can save money over time.

A Show of Hands
An incredibly impressive 79% of people prefer paper towels to air**.

*University of Westminster, Feb. 2009 – a comparative study of different hand drying methods
** Washroom Products Study sponsored by Georgia-Pacific, July, 2009

Introduced in 2002, enMotion® has become one of the most successful away-from-home brands of all time. Perhaps that should be expected from a product that improves hygiene, lowers your risk of cross-contamination, reduces towel usage by up to 30 percent* and decreases operational expenses. Add in the fact that it enhances the look of your workplace, and enMotion dispensers unprecedented popularity makes perfect sense.

If you’d like more detailed information about replacing your current hand drying systems with Georgia-Pacific enMotion Dispensers, contact your sales representative or email IBT Safety.

*According to proprietary research


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