When Plain Bearing Inserts Are A Better, More Reliable Investment Than Ball Bearings

When Plain Bearing Inserts Are A Better, More Reliable Investment Than Ball Bearings

polyround timken bearing insertsIn tough environments, ball bearings can often pose a greater risk than reward.

When it comes to applications with extremely high or low temps, incomplete rotations, locations difficult to regularly maintain, exposure to bulk solid contaminants or components submerged in liquids, just to name a few—Timken’s Poly-Round® bearing inserts are a safer investment. Here’s why….

The Ultimate Food and Beverage Industry Solution

In addition to withstanding liquid submersion, Poly-Round bearings are also impervious to harsh washdown or process moisture, such as steam, chemicals, etc. that are common to the food and beverage industry.

The high-performance bearing-grade polymer material meets industry food safety and sanitation standards, as required by HACCP/HARPC programs, making it the only USDA/NSF-Accepted bearing available

Non-Corrosive & Wear-Resistant Stainless Locking Sleeve

Along with the high-performance polymer bearing inserts, the stainless steel locking sleeve protects against contamination concerns, such as rust, in wet or corrosive environments.

The stainless sleeve is not only non-corrosive, but wear-resistant. By covering the original shaft and providing a tough, smooth journal, it protects shaft surfaces from normal wear and abrasion caused by plain bearings.

Minimize Expenditure + Get 2x the Bearing Life

Plain bearings operate without rolling elements—and with no moving parts, there’s no grease required. By eliminating the daily maintenance chore of lubrication,  associated labor and materials costs are also eliminated. In applications and environments that are prone to contamination, the plain bearing design also eliminates the added costs of seals and shields.

What really makes these bearings economical, though, is the longevity of life that you get for what you pay for. When Poly-Round bearings wear in one direction, they can be rotated 180 degrees to double the bearing life.

See for yourself how the Poly-Round helped one customer gain a total two-year savings of $234,704.52.

Reliability Offers Peace-of-Mind

When it comes to bearings, the fewer surprises, the better. Plain bearings are a low-risk option that removes any concern for components—such as balls, seals, shields—breaking or getting lost.

There is an added peace-of-mind to reliability and, with the Poly-Round, you know exactly what to expect. The self-aligning and greaseless functions translate to a long, low-maintenance operation with predictable change-outs—not to mention fewer things for you to keep track of.

The Timken Poly-Round—Universal & Tailored To Your Needs

Dimensionally interchangeable with all industry-standard self-aligning insert bearings, Timken offers the Poly-Round bearing in a variety of materials—each designed to optimize performance for unique applications. With styles available for high and low-temperature environments, IBT can help you find the perfect plain bearing insert for your application.

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