Power Transmission Named DODGE

Power Transmission Named DODGE

Reducers, gearmotors and adapters bearing the DODGE® brand are available through IBT. IBT has been a Dodge distributor since the 1950’s.

Since January 2007, Dodge has been part of Baldor Electric Company, a leading supplier of manufacturers of industrial electric motors, power transmission products, drives and generators, and also a long-time IBT vendor.

The DODGE QUANTIS® product line offers a full line of modular designed gear drives engineered for flexibility, greater torque density in a compact housing configuration, and increased horsepower capability from – hp to 75 hp.

The DODGE TIGEAR-2® family, a complete line of single-reduction, right angle worm speed reducers, is specifically engineered to offer increased value and lower a user’s Total Cost of Ownership. The totally enclosed, ventless sealing system in the TIGEAR-2 contains a factory-filled synthetic lubricant. The lubricant accommodates a wide range of operating temperatures and runs cooler than other popular synthetics, eliminated the need for routine oil changes. In addition, the state-of-the-art sealing system provides leak-free performance for extended periods and promotes longer seal life.

With its fully concentric 360° inner ring, patented pull/push adapter system, and completely interchangeable housing design, the DODGE GRIP TIGHT® Adapter ball bearing is the easy-on/easy-off solution for damage-free shafting, reduced vibration and greater inventory savings.

For more information about the complete line of DODGE products, contact your IBT branch or write to us.


Designed to achieve greater output torque ratings, increased horsepower ratings and expanded ratio range, the QUANTIS product line may allow plants to downsize from existing units, resulting in reduced production costs while achieving exact output speeds.

The QUANTIS family of products offers the customer three types of gear reducers, In-Line Helical (ILH), Right Angle Helical Bevel (RHB), and Motorized Shaft Mount (MSM). QUANTIS ILH, RHB, and MSM are available in eight sizes (38 through 168), with four input configurations including integral motor for space limitations, C-face motor adapters, clamp collar, and three piece coupled for input motor flexibility with separate inputs for V-belt mounting. Reducers are available in two housing designs − foot mounted and flanged mounted. They are also available in multiple shaft configurations (inch and metric), including single and double output shafts, straight hollow bores, shrink disks and with patented twin tapered bushings for easy-on / easy-off assembly.

QUANTIS ILH and MSM gearing is a single helical design and ground to provide an ellipsoid tooth form that eliminates tooth wear, and assures meshing in the strongest tooth area. This results in reduced noise and power losses. RHB utilizes spiral bevel gearing.

All gears are case carburized to insure high surface durability and resilient tooth core for greater impact resistance and longer service life to reduce unscheduled downtime. Gears were design to meet DIN-7 standards – approximately equivalent to AGMA 10 – 11. ILH and MSM are 98.5 % efficient per stage of reduction and RHB is 95%.

Reducers, gears and bearings are splash lubricated with ISO VG220 mineral oil and are factory filled prior to shipment. Input and output lip seals are of nitrile rubber material producing less drag and heat, which promotes longer life. As an option for wet and harsh environments, the QUANTIS product line offers an XT Harsh Duty Output Seal. This seal features a quadra-lip design, rubber coated inner and outer seals, and a protected seal running surface.

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Each TIGEAR-2 size, ratio, and configuration has been rigorously tested in the Baldor/Dodge/Reliance advanced development laboratory to ensure optimum performance and reliability, and the results are clear. After hundreds of thousands of test hours, TIGEAR-2 reducers have been proven to deliver more torque with less required maintenance than competitive designs.

Advanced gear geometry in the TIGEAR-2 reducer delivers on average 30% increase in output torque (up to 6,800 in-lbs) which allows designers to choose smaller sizes for their applications without compromising service life. Because of the consistent torque capacity increments between case sizes, equipment designers can optimize reducer size selections for reduced cost, increased performance and longer life. In addition, the TIGEAR-2 reducer is the only single reduction worm reducer that uses a tapered adapter bushing system to virtually eliminate fretting corrosion on hollow shaft applications. With the new easy-on/easy-off tapered bushing system, there are no loose fasteners to misplace during installation, and the locking nut creates a positive means for easy removal.

The TIGEAR-2 line offers 10 sizes covering center distances from 1.33 inch to 4.75 inch. A number of configuration options are available, including quill input, separate input or three-piece coupled input. This product is also available in corrosion resistant materials that make it ideal for the severe washdown applications that are commonly found in the food and beverage industry.

For more information about DODGE TIGEAR-2, contact your IBT branch or write to us.


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