PPI Retro Rolls Are Designed For Easy Ehrsam Frame Drop-In Replacement

PPI Retro Rolls Are Designed For Easy Ehrsam Frame Drop-In Replacement

» What do you do when the manufacturer of your idlers goes out of business and you can no longer buy the parts you need, that were designed uniquely to their brand?
» What if your entire plant was designed around parts with outdated specs?

These are questions that many businesses have had for years since CEMA began revolutionizing industry standards on conveying systems (terms, engineering designs, etc.) in 1933, outdating any and all parts who weren’t upgraded to meet those standards.

Having grown immensely since their small factory near Enterprise, KS in 1872, J. B. Ehrsam & Sons Mfg. Group parts could be found in plants all over the world by the time they closed their doors—and even still today. Therefore, leaving many customers unsure of how to replace their rollers without investing significant time and money to re-invent entire systems.

PPI Retro Rolls

Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI) recognized this issue and built a targeted solution for the industry greatest affected: “PPI has taken our retro roll expertise into the grain handling industry by retrofitting cast iron stanchion style idlers,” says Mike Roozeboom, PPI Product Manager.

“Replacing your rolls is essential to extending your belt’s life,” says IBT Bulk Handling Specialist John Coxon, “and with PPI Retro Rolls, the old frame doesn’t even have to be unbolted━you can simply take the belt out and drop in the new rolls.”

Additionally, according to Roozeboom, converting to PPI’s sealed for life ball bearing eliminates the maintenance requirement on the older cast iron rolls.

PPI Offers Single Drop-In Frame Replacement, As Well

Due to the nature of their easy drop-in installation, PPI Retro Rolls are a great, cost-effective solution to the outdated Ehrsam frames. However, should there come a time you want to replace your idler frame, as well, PPI is prepared with another simple solution.

“They’ve built complete drop-in assemblies, that instead of cast-iron is made of high-strength steel. They have the same footprint, which allows for easy installation because you don’t have to re-drill,” says Coxon.

IBT Is Proud To Partner With PPI

PPI is an Industry leader in manufacturing high performance and innovative conveyor products and solutions. They tailor each solution based on customer needs and priorities━building compatible idler assemblies from the ground up or providing specific retro rolls that drop into existing framework.

“There is an added convenience to working with PPI because they have a wide range of dimensions already available to you, Coxon says. “We’re able to work well together as a team to overcome obstacles and take care of our customers.”

Order PPI Retro Rolls From IBT’s Conveying Systems Group

As specialists in the conveying systems field, IBT Industrial Solutions understands the importance of good systems application in achieving optimum efficiency. With our years of experience in providing conveying systems and components, you can rely on IBT for the best solution to your problems. Want to upgrade to PPI Retro Rolls? Contact us today or give us a call at 913-677-3151 to learn more.

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