Pre-Planning for Success

Pre-Planning for Success

Good planning, it has been said, is half the job. Plan the work and work the plan is one of the most widely repeated maxims of achieving success. This is especially true when it comes to video production.

The upcoming IBT Tech-X 500 in at Kansas Speedway in September provides a perfect example. IBT Media will provide extensive coverage of the event. They will assign several camera crews to capture the essence, the flavor and the details of the occasion. The team will be on the ground the entire time, shooting set up, vendor-only time, IBT hospitality programs – and then every aspect of the main customer appreciation and technical exposition event.

For the project to be successful, they must end up with a video that may be less than 10 minutes long – yet must clearly and accurately summarize several days of occurrences. Plus, the final video must be quick, hip, entertaining and fun.

On the one hand, as representatives of IBT, the camera crews are working for the sponsor. They can expect full cooperation and complete access to any and all parts of the proceedings. They can even adjust the schedule somewhat to make sure that they don’t miss anything important.

But, they still have to be ready to call audibles and move swiftly to make sure that they are completely prepared to deal with the completely unexpected.

“To get started, we look at the schedule and visualize the entire program,” Craig Campbell explains. “We try and have an idea of what we want to have on the DVD when the entire project is complete – and work backwards from that, somewhat, to make sure that we don’t miss any opportunities.

“Our goal is to provide a remembrance for anybody who was at the event. And, we want to convey the energy and the spirit of the event to any person who wasn’t able to join us.”

The trick, the video staff explains, is being ready for anything. “This is a fluid event,” Campbell admits. “We know what is supposed to happen and when it is scheduled. But, good coverage will require us to capture the unexpected moments. That is where the charm and the cleverness and the memorable parts of the event will be. We need to be ready to hang loose and move fast.”

During the 55th Anniversary at Kansas Speedway in 2004, the IBT video crew worked the event, making sure that they were at the right place at the right time. With that celebration being in a new place and of a much grander scale than any prior IBT event, they definitely had to stay on their toes the entire time.

“We just made it a couple of times,” Campbell admits. “We had prepared for the expected; had anticipated the unexpected and paid close attention to what was going on. We were lucky, I think, and didn’t miss anything important.”

This time, of course, they’ll be better prepared. “Having to cover an event at a familiar venue is that much easier than going to a new place. That doesn’t guarantee success nor, really, make it a piece of cake. But, it sure does allow us to have a better idea of what we are likely to be dealing with.

“And, like all video production, our key is good planning, good people, good communications, good equipment, a good idea of what we are expecting – and the ability to get going, fast and furious, when that is what the situation calls for.”

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