Prevent Machinery Damage with IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies Division

Prevent Machinery Damage with IBT’s Industrial Maintenance Technologies Division

The stuff of industry is man-made and, therefore, inherently breakable. Usually at the time and in the manner that is most inconvenient for all concerned. When it does, you need a friend. We can recommend that you call your old friend IBT’s IMT (Industrial Maintenance Technologies Division). If they’re not your old friend, they can be your new best friend.

IMT is who you want on your side when something malfunctions. Actually, IMT is even more valuable before stuff happens and stuff breaks. IMT’s technicians are available 24/7/365. They can come in and identify and correct machinery problems before they cause damage, expense, unplanned downtime and loss of production. They have a large arsenal of sophisticated technical tools and they’ll draw upon years of knowledge and experience, as well.

They can do a complete on-site inspection and analysis to determine where the trouble can start. They also handle trouble shooting, diagnosis and repair services, either as needed or as part of a predetermined service program.

Best of all, they can break out the tech equipment and check out all of your critical production and support systems. With these diagnostic tools, they can analyze machine dynamics and performance, identify misalignments and imbalances and find vibration problems that lead to excess wear and tear on rotating equipment. They diagnose mechanical and electrical problems which may affect the condition and performance of bearings, belts, pulleys, shafts, pumps, gearboxes, fans, motors, cooling towers, chillers – the whole factory’s worth of mechanical components.

When they find a problem, they can fix it: laser aligning it precisely, balancing it dynamically, repairing and/or overhauling serviceable components. Recurring or dramatic problems and equipment failures can be analyzed to determine root causes and prevent recurrences.

Some mechanical systems benefit from reexamination and possible rethinking and reengineering. IMT can update mechanical systems and components, adding newer technology.

One of the best ways to deal with a system’s tendency to break is to greatly decrease the likelihood of something bad happening. The principle here is to fix it before it breaks. By working with IMT in establishing a predictive and preventive maintenance program, you can avoid catastrophic failure and costly downtime.

A program of planned maintenance on a regular schedule will be able to replace critical wear components at a time of your choosing – not when they break. Based on analysis, observation strong record keeping discipline and solid mechanical knowledge, preventive and predictive maintenance can put you in control.

IBT Industrial Maintenance Technologies Division offer their services in a number of ways: You can make arrangements for them as needed, set up a planned program, or lay the groundwork for a rapid deployment plan through making some preliminary arrangements. They are eager to meet with you to discuss all the ways that they can keep trouble in the works under control – for more details, email Chris Treat.


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