PT Coupling’s Abrasion Resistant Fittings – Streamlining Flow and Improving Fitting Life

PT Coupling’s Abrasion Resistant Fittings – Streamlining Flow and Improving Fitting Life

If you are in the abrasive materials transfer industry, you’ve likely seen first hand the wear and tear that your industrial hose fittings endure. Whether you’re hauling sand, grain, or other abrasive material, you’ve seen the beating that your hose fittings endure day in and day out. You’ve likely replaced a few fittings as well, as fittings are one of the most replaced items on a delivery trailer.  

Thankfully, PT Coupling is changing the way that abrasive haulers are doing business.  With the innovation of their new specially formulated steel, they are introducing a whole new line of Abrasion Resistant Fittings.  PT, an industry leader, has developed a unique metal casting process. This new unique casting process actually works by combining several casting processes into one, in an effort to create a steel that can withstand abrasive applications better than the rest.  The key to abrasion resistance, as PT has found, is the hardness of the steel. abrasion resistant fittings

Harder, tougher steel

With this new casting process, PT Coupling has managed to make their steel six times harder than any other competitor currently out on the market. Believe it or not, they are doing this all without any extra coatings or layers on the fittings. They’re just using tough, hard steel. This new, harder steel is doing its job without added coatings and is American made to boot.  

PT’s Abrasion Resistant Products feature design changes in critical areas and increases efficiency because, bottom line, they last longer. With their new Abrasion Resistant Fittings, PT is reducing downtime and maximizing every dollar spent with each tank unloaded. PT’s design updates of the Abrasion Resistant Fittings make the perfect mate between the coupler and adapter by streamlining the flow and improving the fitting life.

Increased durability and life of fittings

Perfect Mate Fittings

Prototype testing with these new Abrasion Resistant Fittings has already shown increased durability and longevity in the life of the fittings.  Abrasion Resistant, made in the USA and harder steel all while still maintaining a smooth flow—seems hard to believe, but PT Coupling has made it a reality!

With fittings being the most commonly replaced item in abrasive transferring, it is often easy to buy quantity over quality, but PT is showing us yet again why quality over quantity is the way to go. 

PT is pioneering the market of cam and groove abrasion resistant fittings all while saving you money and avoiding downtime. Now, that’s something we can get behind.

To learn more about this product and discuss your Industrial Hose fitting needs contact one of our product specialists today. 

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