Pumped Up Hydraulic Training

Pumped Up Hydraulic Training

IBT, long proud of its commitment to training, is aggressively expanding the company’s activities in hydraulic training products and services. Their hands-on hydraulic courses will offer a complete range of open enrollment, in-plant, machine-specific and customized hydraulic training programs at both the basic and advanced levels.

The first 3-day hands-on hydraulic training and troubleshooting program will be held at IBT CDC in Merriam, Kansas, in February 2009. The first 4-day advanced troubleshooting hydraulic component and systems course will also be held at IBT CDC the following month.

Register for an upcoming training session of Basic Hands-On Hydraulic Training or Advanced Troubleshooting Hydraulic Components near you.

Both the Basic and Advanced Hydraulic Training courses will be conducted by Kevin Workman, who has nearly 30 years of practical fluid power experience and has trained thousands of students. The training courses will include:

  • Safety with Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Principles and Laws
  • Fluid Power Symbols and Schematics
  • How Hydraulic Components Work
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Filtration
  • Diagnostic Instrumentation
  • Basic Diagnostic Skills

Hydraulic components, which will be covered extensively, include:

  • Pressure control valves
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Check valves, accumulators and actuators
  • Reservoirs, coolers, hoses and connectors
  • Directional control valves
  • Flow control valves and flow dividers

Course content is broad and applies to all brands of hydraulic equipment that is commercially available.

As part of this new program, IBT will be using new state-of-the-art hydraulic training simulators which, when paired with an award-winning curriculum and experienced instructors, will provide students some of the most technologically advanced hydraulic training available in the field today.

Basic Hands-On Hydraulic Training & Troubleshooting
The Basic Hydraulic course is an introduction to hydraulics with an emphasis on safety, hands-on training and hydraulic troubleshooting techniques. It is designed for anyone who works with hydraulics as part of their job or for anyone who wishes to increase their overall knowledge of hydraulics.

This training is recommended for maintenance professionals, engineers, maintenance planners, electricians, equipment operators and assembly-line personnel, supervisors, safety professionals and customer service personnel. While some background and experience in fluid power is helpful, it is not required for attending the Basic course. IBT’s Basic Hydraulic Training will give students the ability to build, understand and troubleshoot hydraulic circuits just like those found on the job.

Advanced Troubleshooting Hydraulic Components & Systems
The Advanced Troubleshooting Hydraulic Components & Systems course explains the safest techniques available for testing the majority of today’s hydraulic components: pressure/leak testing.

Pressure/leak testing allows you to test 90% of components in any hydraulic system without starting the prime mover, removing the component from the system or disassembling it. Students will learn to test the following components using the appropriate diagnostic instrumentation:

  • Hydraulic pumps; including hydrostatic and load sensing
  • Pressure control valves; in-line and cartridge
  • Directional control valves; industrial and mobile
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic motors; high-speed and high torque – series and parallel
  • Check valves
  • Hydrostatic drives

IBT recommends that students attend Basic Hands-On Hydraulic Training before attending Advanced Troubleshooting Components & Systems. The $1,200 3-day Basic training and the 5-day $1,500 Advanced training tuition each include all fluid power textbooks, training materials and lab manuals, as well as an information exchange lunch.

In addition to hands-on training, an online skills assessment, e-learning and testing tools portal will soon be available on IBT’s website. Accessed through a robust management learning system, these training tools are self-paced and self-testing on fundamental hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and mechanical. All online tools are supported by instructor assistance at any time.

Additional products will also be released to assist in maintaining and troubleshooting hydraulic systems such as:

  • Flow meters
  • Pressure test products
  • Proactive maintenance products
  • Pressure/leak test products
  • Hydraulic oil sampling products
  • Connector identification products
  • Hydraulic test connectors
  • Complete diagnostic test kits
  • Hydraulic safety posters
  • Hydraulic safety DVDs
  • Hydraulic textbooks

Be sure to watch IBT’s website and PrimeMover for updates to the 2009 open enrollment schedule for the Basic Hydraulic and Advanced Courses. Please contact Gary Hense if you would like request an open-enrollment course in your area or information on in-plant hands-on hydraulic or machine-specific courses.


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