Pumped Up: IBT & Norgren Ready for Business Flow

Pumped Up: IBT & Norgren Ready for Business Flow

IBT Fluid Power has a long and proud association with Norgren – one of the world’s leading fluid power component manufacturers. Norgren comes to the marketplace well armed with state-of-the-art technology, outstanding durability and aesthetics – as well as competitive pricing.

IBT Fluid Power enhances the excellence of the Norgren products with on-site inventory, knowledge, application assistance and tech support.

For air preparation, specify Norgren. Their “best-in-class” Excelon air preparation units provide the flexibility of direct ported units with the easiest modular assembly system on the market. It’s the simple one-piece, patented, Quikclamp that makes all the difference. Check out the clean, pipe away Q drains. Easy to use and no spray! Excellent flow and water and particle removal are a given.

Norgren’s Excelon Series FRL’s (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) feature in-line or modular installation capabilities, a patented quarter-turn manual drain, liquid-level indicator visible from 360° and performance that provides high flow with minimum pressure loss

Norgren sets the highest standards with their offering of pneumatic actuators for the industrial market. The Norgren line includes conventional rod type cylinders, rodless cylinders and rotary actuators. Norgren’s EA and EJ Series NFPA interchangeable cylinders with patented Impact Dampening Piston Seals. These innovative seals have proven themselves under pressure when solving the the challenges of severe applications.

Norgren manufactures a wide variety of standard products which are used for the most demanding of applications For smaller, more compact applications, the Series 90000, Series F or Series RL cylinder lines are used to perform large jobs in a small area.

If modified or special products are required to solve application challenges, Norgren is ready to help. In connection with your IBT Fluid Power representative, Norgren’s experienced application engineers can help design modified or completely special products.

In valves, Norgren covers the full spectrum of applications. The valves range from a Cv of 0.003 to 49.5 and from a port size of 1/16″ barb to 2″. Every valve is backed by a two-year unconditional warranty.

The Nugget family spool valves – which range from a Cv of 0.27 to 5.0 – are designed for both the user and the OEM. The newer additions to this range are available with either a 25-pin “D” subconnector or 1″ conduit. They have unique power saving and diagnostic features and are fieldbus compatible.

The ISO-Star family – glandless spool and sleeve valves which range from a Cv of 1.2 to 4.4 – are designed for extremely long life. This family is rated for over 200 million cycles and incorporates many accessories such as sandwich pressure regulators and flow controls. These valves are 100% corrosive resistant, robust and reliable for use in harsh, industrial environments.

For those larger valve requirements, the Prospector family ranges from Cv 1.2 to 49.5. Prospector poppet valves are designed for rugged, robust, high flow applications.

Norgren Prospector Valves feature a short stroke, positive sealing, cushioned poppet. The rugged, simple design eliminates metal-to-metal contact to ensure long life and trouble free operation. Shock absorption by the resilient mass of the poppet seals virtually eliminates the impact damage common to other designs. Prospector valves are available in 2-port/2-position normally open and normally closed, 3-port/2-position normally open, normally closed or multidirectional, and 4-port/2-position.

Norgren Pneufit C fittings are ready to use offering fast assembly with no need for tools and providing optimum flow. Pneufit C offers a broad range of over 1,000 composite push-in pneumatic fittings to complement Norgren’s all brass Pneufit series. They have: releasable stainless-steel grab-ring to grip nylon or polyurethane tube (85 or 95 durometer); nickel plated brass components to provide corrosion and contamination resistance and an extended life; pre applied thread sealant on all taper threads and recessed captive O-ring on parallel threads provides optimum rapid sealing; internal and external hexagons on straight fittings; immediate quality sealing using silicone free U-packing and mounting holes on all union fittings.

Norgren also also introduces Miniature Pneufit® M – an ultra compact alternative where space is at a premium.

VM10 Series Valve Islands are versatile and suitable for many different industry sectors and applications, including electronics, packaging and textile machinery and a wide variety of special purpose machines.

Features include:

  • High flow rate of 0.44 Cv from a 10 mm valve
  • NEMA 4, IP65 protection rating
  • High resistance to chemical washdowns
  • Available in all major Fieldbus protocols
  • Backed by a reliability test specification conforming to SEMI E10
  • Up to 30% space saving in Fieldbus applications compared to other equivalent products
  • Clean, sleek design
  • 2 x 3/2 function for piloting process valves
  • Electronics grade cleaning and packaging options
  • Individually wired, Multipole and Fieldbus options
  • Multi-pressure options
  • High resistance to chemicals even with prolonged contact (good for food industry)
  • Exceptional dimensional stability even in humid environments ( good for paper industry)
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance even with hot water
  • Low weight (good for robotics and end of arm tooling)

IBT Fluid Power is eager to assist you in any questions you might have about the entire line of Norgren Fluid Power products. They can provide full technical support, application assistance and a full-library of catalog and engineering literature – all backed up with a substantial inventory – and years of professional experience. Contact them today.


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