QD Keyless Bushing

QD Keyless Bushing

New: A QD bushing that eliminates backlash between the key and key seat. A QD timing belt pulley that is easily timed with respect to the shaft.

The Trantorque QC Keyless Bushing series from Fenner Drives is directly interchangeable with JA, SH, SDS, SD, SK, and SF size QD bushings. These assemblies are of a single taper design. The taper is self locking and provides a self centering action.

The QC bushing uses the keyless bushing technology of drawing opposing tapers together. This is the same principal used by Taper Lock and QD bushings. As the tapers come together, forces are exerted between the shaft and the component being mounted. The forces generated by the QC bushing maket a key and keyway no longer necessary.

The QC bushing can be used over existing keyways that have been damaged. By eliminating the key, the backlash between key and keyway is no longer a problem.

The QC bushing can be easily adjusted and components can be quickly installed or repositioned. It’s simple:

  1. Make certain that the shaft is clean and free of lube and contaminants.
  2. Make certain that the end nut is flush with the gold inner ring.
  3. Insert the QC into the component, match the through holes of the ring with the threaded holes of the component and tighten the bolts until the washers are flat.
  4. Slide the assembly onto the shaft and position.
  5. Hand tighten the nut until the assembly is snug on the shaft.
  6. Using the tables provided, tighten the nut to the prescribed torque rating. The assembly will move approximately 1/16 inch along the shaft from the nut side.

The QC Trantorque Keyless Bushing is an adaptation of one of many keyless bushing designs.

Zero Max has two keyless bushing designs. The ETP and the Posi-Lok.

When the screws of the ETP bushing are tightened, a piston forces the internal pressure medium against the double walled sleeve. This creates expansion of the sleeve in all directions around the shaft for a tight locking connection.

The Posi-Loc bushing uses the principle of opposing tapers, as does the Trantorque. Where the Trantorque has one main screw, the Posi-Lok uses a series of screws equally spaced around the bushing face. As the screws are tightened to a prescribed torque, the tapers are draws together forming the tight bond between the component, bushing and shaft.

There are several suppliers of Keyless Bushings that use the principal of opposing tapers. A few of these are Lovejoy, Ringfeder, U.S. Tsubaki, and B-Lok.


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