Quality Shows In Ogden Accumulators

Quality Shows In Ogden Accumulators

Ogden bladder accumulators are distributed through IBT Fluid Power. These high quality products are built tough to absorb punishment – and to exceed industry norms and customer expectations for reliable performance. The secrets of their success are built in:



  • Valve Core: 517 bar (7500 psi) design pressure for improved reliability and performance.



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  • Two Piece Valve Stem: Eliminates costly replacement of bladder due to valve stem damage. 
  • High Strength Shell: Chrome-molybdenum seamless steel shells are free of burrs, pits and sharp edges and provide long, reliable operation. All of Ogden’ shell vendors are required to pass a 10 million fatigue cycle test to be certified. 
  • Bladder: Specially formulated bladder compounds provide compatibility with most fluids over a very wide temperature range. 
  • Poppet Valve: Special patented poppet design reduces flow resistance and provides superior performance. 
  • Anti-Extrusion Ring: Contours the bladder to eliminate piercing or extrusion. This design prevents disassembly of the accumulator while under pressure.Ogden bladder accumulators meet A.S.M.E. specifications with a 4:1 safety factor and have specially formulated bladder compounds with very low permeability. This means longer intervals between recharging. They are interchangeable with many other makes of units and can be easily and quickly serviced without removal from the manifold or line.


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