Radio…A Vintage Invention w/ Modern Purpose

Radio…A Vintage Invention w/ Modern Purpose

Radio, not online radio… just pure old fashion airwaves. For most of us, radio is probably not our first choice when it comes to technology, we’re probably grabbing a smartphone or another wifi-enabled device. When we step back for a moment to reflect it almost feels a bit crazy to think that radio was once a powerhouse of technology for its time…am I right?  

I know it’s definitely not the main channel I use to communicate….or the business I work for. However, unique challenges demand unique solutions. Somehow in the chaos of Pandemic, socially distanced times, a group of our industrial colleagues are reaping the benefits of radio as a stable, reliable, and powerful business communication tool like it once was. 

The Power of Radio

We won’t do a deep dive into the history of radio….the details on that can be a bit fuzzy…kind of like the static as you change between stations…who invented the waves, the radio…that doesn’t really matter to our story here. What matters is the power of radio as a communication tool. 

Radio has been used as a tool to communicate a wide array of messages. From baseball games to Orson Welles Halloween Hoax and FDR’s Fireside Chats, the radio has been used to excite us, entertain us, and to share vital information across our Nation. 

Since its invention radio has been used to communicate messages of importance. If you’re wondering at this point if I consider entertainment important, the answer is yes. Of course, news and presidential announcements are important. But whether it’s wartime, Pandemic, or just the woes of life in general it is good to have something to uplift you. A song to sing with, or a joke to laugh with. Entertainment can often be just as powerful as the news for us as humans. Radio gave us all of this. In a connected way. 

Radio was one of the first major tools that allowed us as a nation to share in those moments together. It allowed us to be part of the collective. To be “in the know”. The power of information and entertainment in a collective experience – now that is powerful! Radio truly began as a revolutionary way for us to communicate.  Now, once again, it’s showing its value. 

Radio as a Modern Business Tool Kenwood radio

While radio has shown to be a powerful communication tool for our nation, it can also be a powerful tool within our businessesRight now we are all doing our best to operate safely. We want everyone back to work in a safe way and that way right now includes a socially distanced workspace according to OSHA. OSHA’s COVID-19 Guidance on Social Distancing at Work is a great guide. What it doesn’t solve for though is how to communicate still while in a socially distanced environment. Que the radio. 

No literally…turn on your radio. If you have a professional-grade radio – turn that thing on and use it! Don’t have one? We can take care of that. At IBT we’re constantly communicating with our customers and many of them have been utilizing professional grade radios as a quick, effective way to communicate important information in their warehouse, facilities, and on their work sites. 

Safety 1st

Miscommunication can cause accidents in industrial workspaces. Each environment has challenges, and some may be easier to work around. We’ve been hearing stories about how customers are sharing important safety information, or staff updates with their professional radios, and trust us, it’s a worthy investment in these times. 

We’re all adjusting to a new work environment. So the last thing that you want getting in the way of your business is bad communication. Clear, audible communication is vital for business and can help prevent accidents and avoid downtime or inefficient reworks. 

If your warehouses or facilities are operating in zones, then professional radios could be a real solution for you. IBT’s is a proud supplier of Kenwood products and their professional-grade radios are built to stand up to the tough industrial workspace you operate in. They even have noise-canceling options for those of us who also work in a noisy environment. 

Kenwood professional radioKenwood Professional Radios offer: 

  • Digital and Analog Options
  • Outstanding Sound Quality
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Long Battery Life
  • Quick Charging Times
  • Waterproof Option

Use the Radio – It’s OK! 

In this twilight of 2020 and COVID-19 times, it’s now likely that you may have some of your staff sending emails, and some using radios to communicate. And my friend, that is OK! Whatever works best for you to quickly and effectively communicate is what matters.

Hey, and if you do use a radio you can take comfort in knowing that you are using technology well over 100 years old. Tried, tested, and proved successful. Plus you can bet it will cross any and all generational gaps your organizations may have once had. 

We are all doing what is best for our situation in these times. If your business is in a situation where workers are frustrated and struggling to communicate….grab a radio. Or call us for one. We’ll make sure you find exactly what you need for your situation. 


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