Reduce Carbon Emissions With Permanent Magnet Motors

Reduce Carbon Emissions With Permanent Magnet Motors

Marathon’s Line of Sustainable Permanent Magnet AC Motors Offer Environmental Benefits, In Addition To Enhanced Operational Efficiencies

Electric motors consume an estimated 25% of all electricity and up to 65% of all electrical energy consumed by industrials. These energy levels are projected to continue growing.

A 1% gain in energy efficiency would reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 80 million tons per year. SyMAX® motors provide a very cost-effective way to reduce our carbon footprint and assure a cleaner environment.

Achieve Up To 35% Higher Efficiency


SyMAX motors deliver impressive energy savings by the elimination of rotor conductor losses, optimized fan design, precision-wound stator and variable speed operation. By achieving efficiencies 25-35% over NEMA Premium™, the energy savings of these motors alone often pays for itself in as little as two years.

Additionally, the SyMAX efficiency profile remains flatter than an equivalent induction motor as the speed and load declines, allowing the user to capture even greater energy savings when operated at the application’s ideal speed.


Additional Stand-Out Features Include:

The Ultimate Application Flexibility

For retrofit applications, SyMAX motors are a direct drop-in replacement for Induction motors, utilizing the same footprint, shaft height and other critical NEMA or IEC prescribed dimensions.

New or redesigned machinery installations can exploit the higher power density of Permanent Magnet AC, resulting in a 2-3 frame size reduction, while providing the same output torque …or if you prefer, more torque in the same frame size.

Bearing Current Reduction

Wider air gap designs, coupled with optional shaft grounding devices guarantee many years of trouble-free service, while delivering the benefits of variable speed operation.

Wide Speed Range Constant or Variable Torque

SyMAX Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous motors offer improved speed and torque regulation, dynamic performance, and higher torque/amp, for those mission-critical applications requiring maximum system performance.


Get Unsurpassed Reliability and Longevity

SyMAX motors by Marathon Motors provide the highest level of reliability and longevity, coupled with low maintenance costs, due to their low operating temperature, high ingress protection levels and ultra-precision balancing techniques. Learn more.

If you’re looking to increase your energy savings, IBT has a dedicated team of electrical product specialists who have been helping customers become more productive in their operations since the 1970’s. Contact us or give us a call at 913-677-3151 to learn more.


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