Remove Stuck Parts with Loctite Products

Remove Stuck Parts with Loctite Products

“Freeze your nuts off” is no longer just a danger in winter weather. Now it is a prescribed therapy for releasing seized or corroded parts.

Loctite’s newest breakthrough Freeze & ReleaseTM is a special mineral oil formulation that will free rusted, corroded and seized parts. The shock-freezing effect instantly cools the parts down to -45°F (-43°C).

Freeze & Release causes microscopic cracks in the layer of rust. The cracks allow the lubricating ingredients to wick directly into the rust by capillary action. The assembly can then easily be dismantled after allowing one or two minutes of penetration time. Released parts remain lubricated and protected from future corrosion.

How It Works:

Shock freezing is a quick and convenient method for releasing seized and corroded parts. The application of Loctite Freeze & Release provokes differential thermal contraction of the parts due to abrupt, nearly instantaneous freezing. Cracks open the layer of rust to allow penetration of the lubricating ingredient.

The capillary effect achieves fast and efficient wicking of the lubricating ingredient down into the layer of rust. Capillarity is the ability of liquids to wet freely the surface of objects and wick very quickly into hairline cracks (even counter to the force of gravity).

Released parts remain lubricated and protected from corrosion.

Application Examples

Freeze & Release works just about any place you are face corroded and seized parts. It is a quick, easy and safer alternative to grinding, cutting, brute force or even great torque leverage.

Seized and corroded assemblies of threaded and cylindrical parts across all industries including:

  • Cars and Trucks
  • Agricultural and Construction Machinery
  • General Industry


Easy to Apply

  • Remove dirt and loose rust.
  • Shake can well. Spray area of corroded or seized parts for about 5-10 seconds from a distance of 4-6 inches.
  • Parts can be dismantled after allowing 1 to 2 minutes of penetration.
  • Repeat application, if necessary.


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