Rexnord Klean-Gard Bearings Help Prevent Failure in Food and Beverage Processing

Rexnord Klean-Gard Bearings Help Prevent Failure in Food and Beverage Processing

Klean-Gard-white-housingIf you’re processing food or beverage at your facility, you know that harsh washdown can cause corrosion.  But did you also know that it can lead to bearing failure?

“Unplanned downtime is very expensive,” said Aaron Loomer, a Product Manager at Rexnord. “The corrosion caused by the washdown process can trigger bearings to fail unexpectedly.”

Even worse, as water pools and collects within standard pillow block bearings, it can cause microbial growth. And the traditional coated steel bearing inserts on those pillow block bearings can actually streak and cause rust stains, adding another contaminant to a food-sensitive environment.

Rexnord Link Belt Klean-Gard bearings are specifically designed to help prevent these contaminations and performance failure issues in a food and beverage environment.  Made with stainless steel inserts, they provide superior resistance to the failure and corrosive damage commonly caused by harsh washdown—and can be used in conveyors, fillers, palletizers, and packaging equipment.

Moreover, their unique design makes them more sanitary—by preventing water from pooling behind the bearing, where bacteria tend to grow.  The front cap and Viton rubber seal on the back not only prevent water from entering the bearing, but even reduce moisture buildup during operation—an additional cause of microbial growth in bearings.

“The ceiling technology is so important,” Loomer said. “The main reason bearings fail in the food and beverage plant is because of washdown, which degrades the grease and shortens the overall life of the bearing.”

klean-gard-bearingsRexnord Stainless Steel Bearings are pre-lubricated with food-grade grease that complies with the latest Food and Drug Administration regulations, and can be ordered with matching food-ready gears and couplings. Customers can order standard pillow block bearings, 2-bolt flange, 3-bolt flange, or 4-bolt flange.

“Rexnord has a full product line to meet almost any food or beverage requirement, with many different bore sizes and housings,” Loomer said, adding that their bearings are used routinely by large beverage manufacturing companies. “We can configure a bearing to meet almost any specific requirements at your facility.”

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Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rexnord is a leading worldwide industrial company comprised of two strategic platforms: Process & Motion Control (PMC) and Water Management (WM), with approximately 7,400 employees globally. Within the platforms, Rexnord serves a diverse array of growing, global end markets by offering the broadest, most reliable product portfolios and trusted brands in our industries.

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