Roller Bearings that Can Handle the Heft of Vibratory Applications

Roller Bearings that Can Handle the Heft of Vibratory Applications

Nothing quite compares to the severe stresses that bearings are subjected to when it comes to vibratory applications. Vibrating screens and other vibratory machinery, such as road rollers and saw frames, cause excessive wear over time on the roller bearings that support them. That’s why spherical roller bearings are designed to deliver superior performance for demanding loads. In this article, discover how you can get longer service life out of your equipment with the right bearings.

Optimize Your Vibratory Machinery’s Carrying Capacity


The motion of a vibrating screen is the most force that a bearing will experience. Since vibrating screens require industrial bearings that can support some of the most extreme load-carrying capacities, your machines will need roller bearings that ensure optimum kinematics and low wear to extend the service life.

With spherical roller bearing products, like the FAG series 223..-E1-XL in X-life™ quality from Schaeffler, machines can achieve long-lasting high load-carrying capacity through optimum use of bearing cross-section. Featuring higher dynamic load ratings, FAG spherical roller bearings raise the average service life by up to 60% when compared to conventional spherical roller bearings.

Withstand the Stress of Accelerations and Centrifugal Forces

Not only do the exciter units of vibratory machines, like road rollers and saw frames, have to support extremely high loads, they also have to support accelerations and centrifugal forces. The cages of the roller bearings in particular are subjected to stresses that arise from high loads due to radial acceleration. This then can also be compounded by axial accelerations in certain cases.

For peace of mind and longevity in operating life, FAG spherical roller bearings are put through extensive testing and provide cage parts that are treated with a special surface hardening process. Schaeffler’s special spherical roller bearings also meet their X-life quality standard, which means they offer higher dynamic load ratings than those of current standard products.

Reduce Fretting Corrosion and Dynamic Angular Misalignments

In vibratory machinery, accelerations can create a rotating imbalance, which can generate rotating shaft deflection and additional sliding motion within the supportive bearings. This then increases the friction, which heavily impacts the operating temperature of the bearings. Additionally, these applications can involve adverse environmental conditions, including contaminated environments and excessive moisture.  

That’s why products like the FAG special spherical roller bearings from Schaeffler are designed to support dynamic angular misalignments of up to 0.15°. These bearings also receive a Durotect® CK coating that is chemical-resistant and corrosion-protected to prevent any foreign contaminants from entering the bearing. The coating is a part of the family of hard chromium processes. Schaeffler’s proprietary Durotect CK coating not only protects the bearings from contaminants, but also protects against fretting corrosion ⁠— helping reduce friction and wear. 

Get Longer Service Life with Innovative Spherical Roller Bearings

Schaeffler roller bearings

Schaeffler’s FAG spherical roller bearings set new standards in innovation and exclusive quality standard. Designed for vibratory applications, their roller bearings offer long life, reliability, and high-performance capacity. In addition to Schaeffler’s X-life quality standard, which has been optimized for roughness and geometrical accuracy, their line of roller bearings also have a thin-layer chromium-plated bore that have up to a 70% longer service life than that of a standard bearing when mounted to a vibratory application.

Find the Right Roller Bearings for Your Application

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