Rough and Ready, Tough and Steady Electric Motors

Rough and Ready, Tough and Steady Electric Motors

Image courtesy of Siemens

Some applications can be served by just about any brand of electric motor. They are the straightforward situations calling for a specific horsepower, a specific RPM and requiring a specific voltage.

The work that needs to be done by these motors is fairly routine – and you can – within reason – trust any one of the several brands of motors that you can buy from IBT.

In other cases, you have to be more particular. Many of these are cases where the working conditions can best be described as “severe.”

When the motor is needed for mining, petrochemical plants, chemical processing applications, pulp and papermaking, waste water management – you are putting the motor and related equipment in a demanding situation. It may be that the dirt, dust, corrosive or hazardous atmosphere, the shock loads or the long work days make the job tougher than average. When the jobs are tough like these applications, IBT has a standard recommendation: Siemens.

Image courtesy of SiemensSpecifically, Siemens TEFC Severe Duty Motors. For applications requiring the highest efficiencies, the Siemens motors are labeled RGZEESD. These Siemens motors are not just hard working and durable – and tough enough for severe service – they are also rated to a NEMA PREMIUM® Efficiency level. Because they are the best, they may have a higher initial price tag. However, these are motors that can pay for themselves through energy savings. According to NEMA, electric motors consume 10 to 25 times their purchase price in electricity each year of operation. As a result, increases in motor efficiency can significantly reduce operating costs

These motors have built-in features for long life:

  • Cast iron construction for frame and end shields
  • A unique offset rotor bar design providing improved efficiency
  • Larger rotor bars and end rings to reduce resistance means lower rotor losses
  • Premium electrical grade steel laminations and copper electrical magnet wire
  • Non-hygroscopic insulation system with NEMA Class B temperature rise provides an extra margin of thermal life
  • A bi-directional, non-sparking fan is locked and keyed to the shaft.
  • Cast iron fan covers are provided on all frame sizes
  • Re-greasable, oversized single shielded bearings with cast iron inner caps
  • All motors are equipped with drive end and opposite drive end shaft V-ring slingers for added bearing protection
  • A specially formulated, high temperature tested, polyurea based grease is used to provide more than four times the lubrication life of other polyurea greases
  • Oversized cast iron conduit box
  • Resistant to corrosion

RGZEESD Performance Specifications:

  • 460 Volts, NEMA Design B
  • 1 to 400 HP
  • 1.15 service factor, 40°C ambient
  • 3600, 1800 or 1200 RPM
  • 3 phase, 60 Hz; 230/460 volt operation under 25 HP
  • 460 volt 25 HP and above; 575 volt available
  • Meets or exceeds NEMA Premium® Efficiencies
  • Class F insulation, Class B temperature rise
  • 0.08 IPS vibration
  • 143T through S449 frame

To find out more about Siemens electric motors including Severe Duty TEFC Motors RGZPSD (EPAct certified) and Severe Duty TEFC Motors RGZESD (NEMA Efficient rated), contact IBT.


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