Rugged Operations Dragging Down Performance? It’s Time for Timken!

Rugged Operations Dragging Down Performance? It’s Time for Timken!

Are your rugged operations causing premature failure of your bearings and housings? Tough jobs like mining and bulk handling can do a number on your equipment. Downtime and labor to fix failing equipment is money out of your pocket! When you’re facing this challenge it’s time to call IBT and get Timken. 

Timken® gives you peace of mind by providing a single solution, housed in strength, that delivers performance, productivity, and efficiency in even the most rugged of operations. 


Timken – Stronger by design

Timken® SAF/SNT Split Block Housed Units are produced with high quality cast iron, ductile iron, or cast steel. Rugged materials like this are well-suited for harsh industrial applications like mining and bulk handling. Timken® SAF/SNT Housed Units come in a variety of sizes. No matter the size, our durable housings are engineered to perform.

With a split-design, rugged housing outside, and Timken® High-Performance Spherical Roller Bearing inside, you’ll put an integrated bearing solution of the highest integrity to


Engineered to performTimken Split Plummer block Housing cutaway

Timken® SAF/SNT Split Block Housed Units provide support with precision-fit matched and serialized cap-and-base that are dowel-pin aligned. This simplifies the installation of heavy housings. Timken® also provides convenient pry-tool slots for easy cap removal and speedy bearing inspection and replacement. 

Timken® SAF/SNT Housed Units also use standard mounting dimensions for easy installation. Using industry-standard dimensions for bolt holes, center height and shaft diameter ensures you can conform to the needed parameters.  Used alongside the Timken® Spherical Roller bearings you can increase reliability with higher capacity and cooler running temperatures for longer bearing life. 


Flexibility you need 

With many options to choose from, there’s a Timken® SAF/SNT housed unit solution to meet all your needs. Depending on your accessories, a single housing can be utilized for a variety of bearings based on capacity needs. Optional end covers, and single-point lubricators can enhance your setup even further. 

With four different seal options, Timken® can also help you keep interior contact surfaces debris-free and properly lubricated, with strong and effective seals. Seal options all work to increase your bearing life and increase uptime.  Not sure what’s right for you – one of IBT’s product specialists can work with you to ensure all of your needs are met. 


Results that matter

With Timken® SAF/SNT Split Housed Units you can increase bearing performance and life. By understanding your unique conditions and needs IBT and Timken® can work to find the solution that fits your needs, and delivers results! By making bearing replacement and installations easier and faster you can reduce downtime, increase uptime, and reduce the hours of labor needed with each repair. Those are results that add up. 

If you’re working in rugged operations, and they’ve been getting the better of your housing systems, then it’s time to get Timken®. Call IBT today, or request a quote to see how we can help find a solution that delivers the results you want and need!


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