Reduce Bearing Installation Time By Up to 75% with Safety Mount Bearings

Reduce Bearing Installation Time By Up to 75% with Safety Mount Bearings

Safety Mount Spherical Roller Bearings’ Patented Built-in Mounting System Substantially Cuts Installation Time and Improves Safety and Productivity

ABB Safety Mount Bearings

ABB introduced the Dodge Safety Mount, a line of mounted spherical roller bearings designed to reduce bearing installation time by up to 75 percent, compared to traditional products. It’s simple, built-in mounting system offers a considerable advantage, specifically, for the installation of large bearings and for bearings that operate in harsh conditions.

In addition to installation time, the Safety Mount also provides solutions to other common concerns, typically associated with the installation of traditional, adapter-mounted bearings, such as safety and contamination. Learn more about the features and benefits that ensure a quick and painless bearing installation, as well as a long and productive operation life. »

Shaft-Ready Out of the Box

Innovative products are continually being introduced into industrial business to improve processes and abolish unnecessary time wasters. The Safety Mount bearing is no exception; It’s assembled, sealed and lubricated at the factory and arrives shaft-ready out of the box (no feeler gauges required), allowing you to skip hours of part assembly time.

Safer, Simpler Manual Bearing Mounting & Dismounting

Another major advantage of this innovative mounting system is that it replaces the blow of a hammer with the tightening of fasteners, ultimately resulting in a safer, simpler—and more accurate—bearing installation.

The Safety Mount also allows for installation and removal from the same side of the bearing, which means only one person is needed for the task.

Factory-Sealed to Prevent Contamination

Lastly, the bearings are factory-sealed and lubricated, prior to shipment, with a triple-lip contact seal and corrosion-resistant flinger sealing system. This prevents contamination from entering the product during installation and operation, maximizing operational life, as well as overall productivity.

Additional Dodge Safety Mount Spherical Roller Bearings Info:
  • Offered in split cap and single-piece housing options in standard SAF metric SN type E and imperial housing dimensions.
  • Suitable for use with the ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor for mounted bearings, an easy-to-use, wireless sensor that monitors the health of bearings.
  • Ideal for harsh environments, such as bulk material handling, air handling, grain handling, forest products, mining, cement and aggregate. 
  • Common applications include conveyors, fans and wood chippers.
  • For high-speed and high-temperature applications, a labyrinth seal with corrosion-resistant flingers and a steel clearance seal are available.
  • For enhanced seal protection, and to keep workers safe from rotating shafts, end covers are available.

To learn more about how ABB’s Dodge Safety Mount Bearings can reduce installation time and improve safety and productivity in your workplace, Contact your local IBT sales rep today!


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