Save Time with Disposable, Reusable Respirators from 3M

Save Time with Disposable, Reusable Respirators from 3M

There are many types of respiratory hazards. Some of these can cause severe injury—or even death. Some cause chronic illnesses, such as silicosis.

The best way to prevent illness and injury from breathing hazards? Get the right protection.

Choosing the Right Level of Safety Protection

OSHA sets Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) for many hazardous substances, as well as Assigned Protection Factors (APFs) for different types of respirators. This helps safety managers choose the right respirator for the work environment.

The most important consideration when choosing a respirator: what hazards will the worker be exposed to? Once the hazard and appropriate level of respiratory protection are identified, then consider the work environment and worker’s comfort. Comfort and breathability are usually the top considerations.

3M offers a wide selection of disposable and reusable air purifying respirators that are comfortable, lightweight, and convenient—while protecting your most precious resource, your workers. Here are 4 of their most popular.

Full Facepiece Respirator—Reusable

These reusable respirators offer interchangeable cartridges and filters. They also offer:

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  • Comfort
  • Passive speaking ability (in the FF-400 series)
  • Excellent visibility
  • Large lens surface for easy cleaning


Half Facepiece Respirator—Reusable OR Disposable

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One of the many 3M respirators includes a half facepiece option in either reusable or disposable versions. Some now offer a Quick Latch drop down mechanism, for when you are moving quickly in and out of contaminated areas.

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Reusable Half Facepiece

These economical half facepiece respirators allow for quick cartridge change in dirty environments.

  • 2014-05-30 10.45.31 amSilicone face seal for comfort and stability
  • Cool Flow valve helps reduce heat and moisture buildup in facepiece
  • New Quick Latch drop down mechanism for easy on/off (on select models)
  • Adjustable head cradle for optimum fit and comfort

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Disposable Half Facepiece

These easy-to-use, convenient disposable respirators are ideal for plant shutdowns/turnarounds, or dirty environments where respirators wear out quickly—or become clogged in a short time.

  • Soft, lightweight facepiece
  • Pre-assembled with attached cartridges
  • No maintenance required

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Filtering Facepiece Respirators—Disposable

These NIOSH-approved filtering facepiece respirators are ideal for sweeping, sanding, grinding, sawing, bagging, and welding. They offer:8511

  • Advanced electrostatic media
  • Soft, secure face seal
  • N, R, and P-rated filters available
  • Cool Flow exhalation valve
  • M-nose clip

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