Schaefer BIGDOG® Ventilator

Schaefer BIGDOG® Ventilator


Is it important for your production area to be cool and comfortable? It’s been proven that productivity, quality, profitability, and safety all increase as the temperature in your work space decreases.

Schaefer’s 72″ BIGDOG® ventilator is the right answer for cooling large areas and de-stratification.

Unlike high volume, low speed (HVLS) ceiling fans that move a lot of air very slowly with very little cooling effect, Schaefer’s 72″ BIGDOG ventilator moves A LOT of air (45,000+ CFM) at high speed.

This makes the BIGDOG efficient and effective for summer time use for personnel or equipment cooling. It can also be slowed down. Moving less air more slowly in the winter gets trapped, hot air down from the ceiling (de-stratification) for dramatic heating bill savings.

  • Ceiling or wall-mounted
  • Can be adjusted and aimed
  • Variable speed and ultra quiet
  • Use a VFD to maximize energy savings
  • Filts well between corridors and sprinklers
  • Can product 45,000+ CFM at full speed

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