Schaeffler’s Corrotect Coating Systems – Preventing Corrosion & Increasing Bearing Life

Schaeffler’s Corrotect Coating Systems – Preventing Corrosion & Increasing Bearing Life

Are you tired of battling corrosion with your rolling bearings?  Corrosion is a common issue with rolling bearings…. That’s right, you’re not alone in this issue. 

Not only is corrosion common, but it is actually one of the most frequent causes of rolling bearing failure. Rolling bearings are vitally important to the operation of equipment in a wide range of industrial applications. 

Base metal corrosion is the most common type of corrosion and is caused by the simultaneous presence of moisture and oxygen. 

Rolling bearings need an ideal environment. Everything from moisture, acid, grease that is low quality or broken down, and even condensation from extreme temperature fluctuations can also cause possible corrosion. No matter what the root cause is, corrosion is bad and ultimately leads to increased levels of vibration and wear which reduces the life of the bearings.  

Thankfully, at IBT we work with incredible suppliers to ensure that any issue you face, we can overcome. With Schaeffler’s Corrotect Coating Systems combating corrosion is easier than ever. 

The Corrotect Coating Systems has been a globally unrivaled coating concept for years and has shown to be a long-lasting preservation method for rolling bearings. 

These ultra-thin coatings act as a thin protective layer for bearing components and are so thin that no adjustment of dimensional tolerances is needed. The protection from Schaeffler’s Corrotect Coating Systems has been shown to significantly increase the operating life of rolling bearings compared to uncoated parts. Not only has the Corrotect Coating Systems been shown to extend the life of bearings but it also allows for extended maintenance intervals 

This symbiosis between high-quality industrial components and decades of proven corrosion protection coatings offers our customers significant competitive advantages. If standard rolling bearing steels come into contact with water or humidity they would undoubtedly undergo corrosion, which causes permanent impairments to the rolling bearing’s function. 

Corrotect coated rolling bearings provide a remedy.

Bearing failure can cause serious impacts and significant downtime. If you’re sick of battling corrosion and want to increase your bearing life, then it is time for a better solution! With IBT by your side, you have access to all of the Schaeffler’s Corrotect Coated Rolling Bearings.

Prevent corrosion and extend bearing life!  Contact us today

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Corrotect Coated Tapered roller bearing system
Corrotect Coated tapered roller bearing system

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