Robotics, Pick & Place, and Automation

Robotics, Pick & Place, and Automation

Today’s robotic systems’ computer control and multi-axis motion capabilities give you incredible versatility. Industrial robots are being utilized to increase production and quality of performance while lowering the cost of goods and time to market.

What Smart Robots Can Do For You

Robots have the ability to be reprogrammed and retooled for multiple applications, eliminating the functional obsolescence that sends many single-task machines to early retirement. Robotic systems can also integrate a series of independent operations into a unified production process.

  • Material Handling Applications: Transfer in-process or finished parts to other parts of the production line, sort parts in bins for processing, sort products in boxes for packaging and shipping, move heavy or awkward loads, and transport toxic or hazardous materials.
  • Palletizing/Depalletizing Applications: Stack cases, boxes, drums, and containers on a pallet for palletizing and transport, or unstack objects to speed up receiving. 
  • Machine Tending Applications: Automatically operate molding and die casting, punch press, lathes, mills, and threaders in a continuous production line. 
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging Applications: Robotics are excellent for food-grade products, consumer goods, delicate materials, and sterile products. With routine cleaning procedures, robots can provide faster and more sterile environments for packaging these types of products.
  • Process Cell Applications: Small parts mechanical assembly | Sub-assembly or progressive

Smart Robotic Solutions

Automating production, material and product handling, assembly, and packaging can boost output, efficiency, and accuracy. Here are several smart robotic solutions to improve your production and handling:

Smart Mixed Case Palletizer

Mixed case palletizers can identify and pick up various kinds of objects and palletize them for storage or transport. They reduce employee fatigue from strenuous and repetitive tasks and eliminate chokepoints in your process. They have a high level of performance, reliability, and flexibility. 

Smart Item Picker

These smart item pickers can be used for order picking and sorting applications. The intelligent vision sensors and programming identify various items and know where to place them. It can pick from a moving conveyor belt and place items in bins or boxes with high accuracy. 

Smart Cobot

Cobots, or collaborative robots, are the latest in warehousing automation. These smart robots work alongside human employees and help quickly navigate warehouses to find parts and products. Cobots then help transport the product and assist humans in their tasks.

Automate Today With IBT’s Robotics & Automation Services

Ready to automate and futureproof your production, material handling, or order fulfillment processes? Our team of experts can help you identify the choke points in your processes and show where our smart robotics can increase output, accuracy, and efficiency. 

We offer smart robotic solutions for nearly every application, from palletizing to welding to custom fabrication, order picking, material handling, and more. We have the flexibility to adjust robots to handle any automation process you need. 

Reach out to our dedicated team of robotics and automation experts today to improve the performance of your operation by calling 913-677-3151 or requesting a quote.

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