Sharp Idea from Flexco

Sharp Idea from Flexco

Quick, accurate and easy cuts of thick heavy-duty belting materials are now possible with the new Electric Belt Cutter (EBC) from Flexco. It is a great way to cut all types of belting, from the softest of natural rubbers to the hardest constructed solid woven PVC and fabric plied belts.

Flexco offers the electric belt cutter in two models:

  • EBC1 — for cuts of up to 1 inch/25 mm thickness on rubber belts and up to a maximum 360 P.I.W. (630 N/m) on PVC belts
  • EBC2 (heavier duty model) — for cuts of up to 2 inch/50 mm thickness on rubber belts and up to a maximum 1140 P.I.W. (2000 N/m) on PVC belts

Both models will cut rubber with Shore A ratings of 25 to 90.

The Flexco electric belt cutter is capable of cutting all belt widths. It will also allow you to make extended, longitudinal cuts, as well.

Flexco cutters have a steel blade which makes a smooth, accurate cut. The blade is enclosed by a spring loaded blade guard for enhanced worker safety protection.

Both cutters are driven by hammer drills, included in the kit. The EBC1 uses a Hitachi® DV16 V (120 V, 590 W, 6.0 A) It operates at up to 2,900 RPM. The EBC2 uses a Metabo® SBE750 (120 V, 750 W, 6.2 A) It operates at up to 3,000 RPM. In both cutters, the blade speed is up to 40 RPM.

Engineering features of the cutter are built in to make it work with minimal effort and maximum accuracy. These include sealed ball bearings to support the belt during cutting. They allow the operator to feed the cutter into the belt with minimal effort. The blade is made of a special high-speed steel and is ground with a dual angle for smooth, accurate cutting. Ergonomics were considered as well, and the cutters are both are built with side handles which can be mounted on either side, allowing for easy left- or right-hand operation.

The new Flexco Electric Belt Cutter models represent a new and better answer to the question of how do you cut a big, heavy duty belt – do it accurately and with ease.

With a price range of $ 3500 (EBC1) to $ 4000 (EBC2) the Flexco Electric Belt Cutters are reasonably priced and will quickly provide return on investment through increased productivity and better material usage. They can also be used for precision cutting of custom pieces of sheet rubber and urethane.

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