Sick and Tired of Tedious Coupling Maintenance? We’ve Got the Solution!

Sick and Tired of Tedious Coupling Maintenance? We’ve Got the Solution!

 Are you sick and tired of time-consuming and tedious coupling maintenance?  Lubrication, repairs…it all takes time. Time you don’t have. Avoiding downtime is the name of the game in production performance. So say goodbye to those time-consuming maintenance tasks and say hello to a new, easy to install, low maintenance coupling.

Introducing a low maintenance coupling

Martin has introduced the Go-Flex coupling into its portfolio of couplings, offering a radially removable insert that provides quick, easy installation and replacement without moving or realigning equipment.  With the radially removable insert, you will save time and money in maintenance costs when insert replacement is required.  

There is no need to even move and or realign the driver/driven equipment for insert replacement. Simply slide the cover off the insert, replace the worn insert and slide the cover over the insert re-engaging the locking mechanism. Three simple steps – that’s it!

Martin Go Flex flexible couplingGo-Flex – for even the most demanding applications 

The non-lubricated Go-Flex coupling provides a range of torque capacities and various shore hardness’s, to accommodate torque loads for the most demanding applications.

  • The Standard Duty Red (95A Shore) 377 in-lbs. to 599,700 in-lbs.
  • Medium Duty Blue (60D Shore) 792 in-lbs. to 1,120,000 in-lbs.
  • Extreme Duty Black (70D Shore) 792 in-lbs. to 1,680,000 in-lbs.
  • High Temperature (95A Shore) 792 in-lbs. to 1,120,000 in-lbs.
  • Food Grade (95A Shore) 377 in-lbs. to 599,700in-lbs.

A coupling cover designed for your application

The Go-Flex offers four different cover designs.  A standard cover with retaining ring. A horizontally split aluminum cover for higher speed applications. A vertically split and for heavy-duty application, a vertical/horizontally split cover.  All covers allow easy access for insert replacement.  

Martin also provides the Go-Flex coupling in a variety of stocked pilot bores, bushed bores, imperial bores, and metric bores in either clearance fit with two setscrews or interference fit.  Martin even offers the Go-Flex portfolio in Stainless Steel material for corrosives and food industry applications.


With the versatility of the Go-Flex hub, cover, and insert designs it is ready to meet the most demanding application on a roll-out table in the steel industry where temperature can affect grease leading to unscheduled outages.  Alternatively, replacing a jackshaft on a paper machine, Go-Flex provides no lubrication maintenance with easy off insert replacement.

If you’re over the time-consuming process of coupling maintenance, then it’s time to go with Martin’s Go-Flex Couplings as your solution. With low maintenance, minimal downtime, and fast and easy insert replacement all with no lubrication – it just makes sense! Martin is a leading supplier of power transmission components, material handling systems, and industrial hand tools. IBT is proud to offer Martin’s revolutionary products to our customers. 

Ready to make life easy for yourself? Call IBT today to learn more about Martin’s Go-Flex Coupling solutions.

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