Sixty Years of Innovation from IBT

Sixty Years of Innovation from IBT

If you think business is hard to conduct today, take a walk through the recent past. When IBT opened its doors as Industrial Bearing and Transmission in 1949, the state of business technology was almost pre-historic.

No FAX service. No photocopiers. No cell phones. No hand held devices like Palm Pilot. No computers. Long distance telephone calls required operator assistance. Typewriters – remember them – needed carbon paper. Yet, somehow the job got done. In the case of IBT, the company was always eager to embrace the newer, faster, smarter way to take care of business.

Innovation was at the core of IBT. The company began by putting together lines of business in a way that no one else was doing. They started by combining bearings with mechanical power transmission.

As a new form of technology innovation became available, IBT would try it out. Starting with a memory typewriter – pretty hot stuff 40 years ago – the company has used main frame computers, personal communications devices, airplanes, express services, audio visual, training, personal computers, bar coding – and what have you – to streamline, speed up, perfect and smooth out the process of doing business.

Innovation is part of IBT’s DNA. And, done properly, innovation is inherently a customer benefit. At the 60 years in business point, IBT and its manufacturer-partners are still always looking for ways to bring new ideas, new processes, new perspectives and new attitudes towards helping IBT customers solve old problems and address new challenges.

Today, IBT is using machines and methods that they could not have visualized a few short years ago. And, the world is continuing to change.

But, you can be confident that, whatever the technological revolutions that are coming to business may be, IBT will continue to seek ways to put them to use – if they are good for the customer and customer service.


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