Start A Predictive Maintenance Program

Start A Predictive Maintenance Program

Company maintenance programs are generally either reactive or preventive. A reactive program is driven by the mentality of fixing it when it breaks. This means that repairs are generally done under the gun. The line is down, the money meter is running at high speed, the bosses are watching and all other plans and priorities fall by the wayside – until the crisis mode goes away.

One by-product of this approach is that the repairs that get made are usually just the bare necessities required to get the line up and running in the shortest period of time. So, more evolved ideas like fixing the root causes and fixing things once and fixing them for good, seem to get glossed over. And of course, since stuff breaks all the time, there never seems to be a chance to come back and do it over – and right – later on.

The reactive (or panic) mode usually requires having lots of replacement stuff on hand – just in case. In the real world, the stuff on hand – bought, paid for and beginning to get old on the shelf – is not always the right stuff, the goods that will be needed when something fails. The alternative to reactive is preventive. This is a mindset that does things not by the book, but by the clock and calendar.

It works by deciding in advance, when something should be repaired, then doing it on schedule. Calculations of this type are, by their very nature, arbitrary. There is no guarantee that the machine being worked on is really the most critical one – and, machines being machines, they sometimes break before they are supposed to be serviced. This, of course, forces the system back into the reactive mode.

An alternative is to go to a predictive maintenance mode. This is an area where IBT Industrial Maintenance Technologies (IMT) can help you put together a program for your facility. Predictive maintenance works to improve reliability by identifying problems before they cause trouble.

To do this, we use a number of technologies. Many of the let you perform analysis without interrupting production. Our technologies include vibration analysis, infrared thermography, dynamic balancing and precision laser shaft alignment. Experienced IBT technicians provide these services, as well as complete on-site inspections, analysis, diagnosis and repair services.

In all cases, IMT can work with you to determine the full range and scope of your needs, help you build the documentation for a baseline, create a reporting system and project the cost/benefit analysis. We can help you get started with predictive maintenance, then either perform the work or support your own people – providing specialized help and troubleshooting as needed.

We can help you choose which path to explore, and get started on improving your productivity and lessening your downtime. Give IBT a call at (913) 677-3151 or email me and let’s get started.


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