Stuck for A Part? Turn Slideways with IBT

Stuck for A Part? Turn Slideways with IBT

IBT & Slideways

For more than 15 years, IBT supplier Slideways has built their business by making quality custom components out of a variety of materials, specializing in various plastics.

Slideways products are particularly applicable to packaging machinery and other power transmission and process equipment applications. Plastic components such as guide rail, table top chain tracks, wear strips, pulleys, sprockets, rollers and mounted bearings are standard catalog items.

Using advanced machining equipment, Slideways has broad capabilities to create custom application-specific parts which often require unique design considerations and complex shapes or profiles not commercially available.

Image courtesy of SlidewaysSlideways is proud of the service that supports the product line. They assure customers about “the parts you need, delivered on time.”


Most items shown in the Slideways catalog are in stock or can be quickly fabricated on specialized equipment from an extensive inventory of raw materials.

For non-catalog items, Slideways is ready to develop the best solutions for your requirements. With experienced sales engineers with many years of experience in the plastics industry, they are waiting to assist you in selecting the correct material for your application. And, they boast of their “on time” delivery. Normal manufacturing lead times are 2-3 weeks, even for custom parts.


Image courtesy of Slideways

Slideways provides products in all forms of machined plastic. The most common materials are the various forms of UHMW, Nylon, Acetal and Teflon®. In addition they can provide components in many exotic materials. All of these materials can provide excellent performance in temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 800°F as well as corrosive and caustic environments. See details of UHMW and Non-UHMW materials.

Machinery for Custom Part Fabrication

Slideways combines sophisticated machinery, designed primarily to work plastics, with their great experience in producing customized, high-quality parts. They have multiple workstations which can machine complex shapes in all plastic materials. These workstations are ideal for unique parts found on process equipment, medical equipment and other specialty applications.

Image courtesy of Slideways

Slideways’ equipment includes CNC Routers with a machining area of 5 feet x 12 feet and a ten-station tool changer. Typical parts made on these machines include star wheels and straights and curves for conveyor chains and sprockets.

Slideways’ profile machining capability allows for small quantity orders of special items like chain guides, belt guides and snap-on profiles without the tooling cost, minimum run, and extended lead time required for a custom extrusion.

Slideways also has CNC lathes that can turn parts up to 16 inches in diameter. They make bearings, pulleys and rollers, which frequently have machined inside diameters, allowing ball bearing inserts. Slideways also has capabilities to make intricate parts on their CNC vertical machining centers. With working tables up to 26″ x 50″, Slideways is able to produce components for packaging equipment such as cam plates, wear parts and guides.

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