ABB Baldor-Reliance Industrial Electric Motors

ABB Baldor-Reliance Industrial Electric Motors

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ABB Baldor-Reliance Industrial Electric Motors

ABB is the leading global marketer, designer and manufacturer of NEMA industrial electric motors. The company’s Baldor-Reliance® product line is built for quality, reliability and efficiency. 

With the broadest product offering on the market, ABB offers NEMA and IEC low-voltage motors and ABB medium and high-voltage motors up to 100,000 horsepower, including AC, DC, variable speed, servo, synchronous reluctance, switched reluctance, pump, HVAC and severe duty motors.

In addition, the company offers a variety of maintenance and remote monitoring solutions to increase uptime and extend system and component life. From smart sensor technologies for low-voltage motors to insulation testing for large motors, ABB provides multiple options that can become a critical part of your predictive maintenance process.

ABB also offers dedicated market expertise and product solutions for the food and beverage; mining and aggregate; chemical, oil and gas; paper and forest; and water and wastewater industries, as well as unit and air handling applications across them all.

Investments in technology, tools and processes ensure ABB’s broad offering of general purpose and application-specific motor solutions perform as expected, every time.

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General Purpose Motors

ABB’s Baldor-Reliance Washdown motors are energy efficient, durable, and readily available, minimizing overall operating costs and downtime. The robust design offers industry leading reliability, flexibility and safety to meet the exact demands of a wide range of applications.

Washdown Duty Motors

ABB’s Baldor-Reliance Washdown Duty motors are the widest variety of washdown motors available from stock. Our motors achieve better performance and reliability through added features such as an improved paint system, inverter spike resistant insulation system, Class F insulation with Class B (or lower) temperature rise, Mobil Polyrex® EM grease, customer-friendly drain plugs and shaft seals.

Severe Duty Motors

ABB’s Baldor-Reliance® Severe Duty motors are designed to provide exceptional performance and long life in harsh industrial processing applications such as petrochemical plants, mines, foundries, pulp and paper plants, waste management facilities, rock crushers and chemical plants. These premium construction heavy duty electric motors include features designed to protect against contamination, moisture, vibration and demanding duty cycles.

Variable Speed Motors

Baldor-Reliance variable speed AC motors are specifically designed for variable speed control. The platform provides constant torque across the entire operating speed range in traditional NEMA and IEC designs or a power-dense laminated-steel square frame. Controlling a motor with variable frequency power has never been easier when using a Baldor-Reliance variable speed motor. Baldor-Reliance variable speed AC motors are designed specifically for variable frequency power operation and full compliance with NEMA MG-1 Part 31.

HVAC Motors

Baldor-Reliance HVAC motors are specifically engineered with industry-driven designs to keep air handling systems running smoothly, quietly and efficiently, which means better system reliability and performance with less maintenance. ABB offers a complete line of HVAC motors designed to perform in the harshest applications while lowering total cost of ownership. Motors are available with integrated internal shaft grounding systems, motors for chiller/cooling towers, condenser and fan applications and more, plus custom versions of any stock motor are available for specialized HVAC applications.

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Farm Duty Motors

Baldor-Reliance Farm Duty motors offer best-in-class designs that enhance safety and are built to perform in the demanding environments of agricultural applications. Designed with features for rugged conditions, Farm Duty motors provide the needed reliability to keep farm operations up and running.

Pump Motors

Baldor-Reliance pump motors provide value by increasing system reliability and reducing maintenance costs. Utilizing energy efficient designs, ABB inverter duty pump motors meet the NEMA Premium® efficiency standard with wide variable torque speed ranges. Pump motor construction can be tailored for specific applications and industries such as food processing, washdown applications or explosion-proof enclosures for pumps in hazardous areas.


ABB’s NEMA Motors product line of three-phase AC motors is built on a solid reputation for rugged and durable motor performance. From the lightweight and flexible design of the GP100A motor in aluminum to the most robust and efficient SD200 severe duty motor that meets IEEE 841, API661, NEMA Premium® efficiency and other stringent industry standards, ABB’s NEMA Motors are a complete line of industrial motors to meet every industry need.

Designed with flexibility, durability and ease of maintenance in mind – minimizing operating costs and downtime – ABB NEMA Motors are readily available, with power ratings from 1 to 800 Hp and voltages up to 600V, stocked to meet the needs of the North American market.

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General Purpose Motors

ABB NEMA Motors cast-iron motors utilize the same design philosophy that goes into the design of our renowned severe duty line of motors – ruggedness, reliability, performance and efficiency.  The design provides high structural strength through the use of finite element analysis to strategically place material within each component to resist the effects of stress and vibration. Materials for resistance to corrosion are liberally used throughout for long life in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Severe Duty Motors

ABB NEMA Motors cast-iron motors, used in severe duty applications, are designed and built for long, trouble-free life in harsh environments. Industries – in chemical processing, mining, foundry, pulp and paper, waste management, and more – trust their operation to ABB. ABB NEMA Motors SD motors are available with a wide selection of application-matched modifications to meet specific needs, ambient conditions and installation requirements. These industrial workhorses are rugged and efficient, ensuring performance in the most severe operating environments.

Pump Motors

ABB NEMA Motors pump motors are designed and built to operate under harsh environments. With normal, high and extra-high-thrust configurations, these motors are designed to meet or exceed NEMA Premium® efficiency as well as the most stringent industry standards, API610 (LP100) and IEEE 841. A wide selection of options, including bearing isolators and ceramic bearings on drive end, extra high thrust and non-reverse ratchet make these motors suitable for almost any requirement.

Explosion-proof Motors

ABB NEMA Motors XP100 is a new, rugged explosion proof motor that provides reliable operation even under extreme conditions. It is UL® listed and CSA certified for gas and dust ignition environments and suitable for Class I, Groups C&D and Class II Groups F&G, Division 1 hazardous area classification. The XP100 ID1 drill rig duty motor is certified for Class I, Group D, Division 1 hazardous locations.

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