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Drives Chain

As a leading manufacturer in chain products, Drives Chain offers broad lines of: ANSI precision roller chains, attachment chains, engineered conveyor chains and auger products for diverse industrial applications. Drives utilizes the highest quality materials, technologies, equipment and craftsmanship to produce dependable products. Their team is also widely committed to their customers, offering outstanding engineering and manufacturing support.

Drives’ engineered products primarily serves the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Oil and gas
  • Aggregate and mining
  • General Industrial
  • Forest products
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Packaged goods
Drives Precision Roller Chain

When you purchase a product from IBT’s expansive inventory of Timken Drives, there are many high-quality features you can expect, such as:
  • Wide Waist: The wide waist design of 60H and larger chains reduces the bending stress in the link plate, which increases the fatigue strength of the chain.
  • Solid Rollers: They use solid rollers on all precision roller chains. The solid roller allows for smooth rotation on the bushing, minimizing the impact load as the chain engages the sprocket tooth.
  • Factory Preloading: Their precision roller chains are preloaded during assembly. This seats the chain components, which minimizes the initial elongation of the chain.
  • Heat Treatment: Rigorous process controls and state of the art heat-treating furnaces ensure consistent quality in all chain components, resulting in optimum toughness and resistance to wear.
  • Pre-lubrication: After final assembly the roller chains are hot dipped in a special lubricant, ensuring that all the load-bearing surfaces are protected from metal-to-metal contact and improving the wear life of the chain.
  • Shot Peened Parts: All precision chain rollers and link plates are shot peened for greater strength.

About Drives LLC

Drives chain manufacturing facility is located in Fulton, Illinois, but it is currently serving markets around the world. It was founded in 1959 and has nearly 60 years of advanced engineering knowledge and experience.

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