The Original Pancake® air cylinder was designed in 1958, by Alfred W. Schmidt, the founder of Fabco-Air, Inc. Today, over 6 decades later, the Original Pancake air cylinder from Fabco-Air, Inc., is still the leader in the compact air cylinder market. The Original Pancake air cylinder line is often imitated, but never matched regarding features, options, quality, strength, appearance, and longevity.

Although the company is best known for their Pancake cylinder, the product line has grown extensively over the course of their history and Fabco now offers a diverse line of high-quality pneumatics at competitive prices. Their automation components consist of many styles of linear slides, rotary actuators, angular and parallel grippers. To supplement these, Fabco-Air offers a full line of control valves (both solenoid and manually controlled), flow controls and reed, proximity and solid-state electronic sensors.

Fabco-Air is also equipped with a dedicated workforce and strong customer support. With roughly half of their business in special products, they are always ready, willing and able to design a specific product to meet and exceed any unique application requirements. Items are designed to customer specifications and backed by a knowledgeable engineering staff.

IBT Industrial Solutions is a major distributor of Fabco-Air products, including the following:

  • Air Preparation: Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, Mist Separators
  • Cylinders: Original Pancake®, Multi-Position Series, Square 1® Series, “F” Series, Global Series™, Hi-Power™, “GT” Series, Longstroke™, Pancake® II Standard Series, Pancake® II Nonrotating Twin Rod Series, Square Pancake® II Standard, Square Pancake® II Nonrotating Twin Rod Series, Stopper, Swing Clamp, NFPA Air
  • Slides: “L” Series, “S” Series; “SE” Series Single Bearing Block, “GB” Series Block-Style, “EZ” Series Double Bearing Block, “E” Series, “EZP” Series Pick & Place, “TS” Series Twin Guide Shaft
  • Grippers: Precision Pneumatic Gripper with Advanced Parallel & Angular Jaw Motion Designs
  • Multi-Power®: Cylinders, Boosters, Air Presses, Air-Oil Systems, Pancake® Cylinder Pistons, Longstroke™ Cylinder Pistons, Series PM2 / PM3 / PM4, Square 1® Cylinder Pistons
  • Valves: Modular Manifold, Hex Body, 18 Series, 14 / M14 / 34 Series, 12, 12A / 12B / 38 Series, Series 3853, Series 38MP, Series 3953, Series 3500, Series 3510, Needle & Flow Control, Special Purpose
  • Sensors: Round & Dovetail Profiles, Quick Connect or Prewired Styles

To learn more about Fabco-Air Industrial Automation Solutions, visit their blog at:

Packaging Solutions

Durable Slides and Cylinders to Help You Maximize OEE

Packaging equipment involves heavy loads, fast cycle times and round-the-clock operation. You need pneumatic components that can keep up—improving your uptime and maximizing your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

To meet these demands, we offer an extensive lineup of pneumatic slides, cylinders and grippers for palletizers, conveyors, robotics systems and more. Our linear slides, including our L, S and SE Series, offer precise, repeatable operation and excellent load-bearing capabilities. They’re also built tough with anodized aluminum toolbars, stainless steel shafting and high performance composite bearings.

In addition to our slides, we offer powerful pneumatic cylinders with hard anodized aluminum tubes and self-lubricating piston rods that provide low internal friction, high corrosion resistance and longevity in industrial environments. Standard NFPA and ISO interchanges are available. And for robotics systems, we offer both angular and parallel grippers for use as end-of-arm tooling. These units are compact, precise and can handle a variety of workpiece sizes and shapes.

With over half of our products delivered as custom units, we can modify our slides and cylinders to deliver higher forces, faster speeds, extended strokes and more. We’re happy to work with you to create a custom solution for your packaging application—delivered with the same fast lead times as our off-the-shelf products.

To learn more about Fabco-Air products and their custom design and build capabilities, contact IBT Fluid Power or visit their website: www.fabco-air.com

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